Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Road Trip: Michigan to Florida

Earlier this month my husband and I road-tripped from Michigan to Florida, and sharing this with you all has taken far too long. My grandpa can no longer drive, so after picking up his car in Michigan we now finally have two cars again. We flew into Michigan, picked up the car, and drove it back to sunny Florida. Nothing like a beautiful drive across part of our country, right?! I love traveling and seeing new places, so this was right up my alley. My husband and I both saw quite a few new states during our trip! We even found a couple places we'd like to visit again some day soon.

some of the states we covered on our trip }

I'm always game for a fun road trip. Smart phones would have been helpful, but we managed to navigate ourselves all the way from the Mitten State to the Sunshine State with minimal trouble using only paper maps we printed the night before. We even squeezed in a few fun stops along the way.

Come back tomorrow for more
from the second day of our trip!

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  1. That really is great that you have your grandpa's car. Super awesome. What a great excuse for a road trip! :)