Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pilot Wife Rant Here

Sometimes it's not easy having so many parts of your life, literally, up in the air. As you may have noticed, the name of my blog is Piloting Life. My husband is a pilot, and I started this blog years ago after stumbling upon some entertaining pilot wife blogs. They made me realize I wasn't the only one who was being left alone on and off for days at a time. Reading those blogs encouraged me to start my own blog, and today it's not simply about my husband's flying career. This blog is about our life.

Due to my husband's career choice, we live a slightly different life than most of our friends and family. Many of my friends still live in the small town where I grew up, and sometimes I envy them. My husband and I have had to learn flexibility when it comes to our living arrangements, because, for the most part, his job dictates our location. We could technically live anywhere we wanted, but that would mean long commutes for my husband... and more alone time for me. That wasn't an appealing option for us, hence why we live in Florida when we'd rather live closer to Denver and the west coast. Sometimes living far from friends and family is hard!

My husband currently has one of those really, super rare pilot jobs where he's home every night. Let me tell you, it's sort of like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Sometimes I worry what life will be like again if/when he goes back to a job with overnights. I'm terrified of getting too used to him being home every night. I can't help but worry about whether or not he'll be around when we have children, and how will I protect our home if he's gone for a few nights at a time. In the rare instance of my husband being gone for a night, I currently keep my pepper spray on my nightstand. You can never be too careful. Maybe I'll learn to shoot a real gun some day. The things you do for peace of mind.

While we're incredibly thankful for my husband's job, it often throws a monkey wrench into our plans. We are slowly painfully learning that life usually throws better things your way when you learn to be patient and let go. Life doesn't always go your way, but you can learn to embrace life's ups, downs, turbulent moments, and smooth landings. All I know is I'm just trying to enjoy the view!

Any other fellow pilot wives, military wives,
or wives with traveling husbands out there?

How do you deal with life's uncertainties?


  1. As a pilot wife, I was at one point reluctant to put down roots. But for us and me, that wasn't an option. So we bought a house and committed to live where we do. Even if that means he may have to commute some day. I can get myself upset if I think about it but we will just have to deal with it when it comes. Which is what I try to remind myself as we are going to be welcoming our first child this summer. I have to remind myself that despite his schedule, we WILL find a way to make the child care schedule work. I don't know how yet, but it WILL work somehow. :)

  2. I can completely relate to the uncertainty of what your daily life will be! My husband works nights for 4 days; then days for 4 days; then off for 4 days. Getting into a routine is near difficult! Just when I get used to having him home at night, he's gone. A big part of why I dont want kids is b/c I'd be pretty much a single mom. Its hard to let life pass me by while I wait for years at a time for our life to settle down.

  3. I can relate, Ashley! So much of what you say about how your husband's job dictates where you live is very much like being in the Army. I wrote about this same topic on my blog today and determined that the best way to cope is by adopting the best attitude possible, which you seem to be doing very well! :)

  4. Ah! I love the embracing part. With the Army there are always obstacles being thrown at us. I am finally getting used to being a Milspouse and barely seeing my husband during the week. Just as I start to really get use to this, the Army has plans to move us again and then he will be getting out which then we will face another new city and change. Enjoy the time together now, enjoy the present! <3

  5. Thanks for sharing! That definitely is a stressor on marriage and just life in general, but it sounds like you are learning to deal with it beautifully -- and supporting your husband with it, too. That's not easy!

  6. I'm with you Amber we just decided we're going to be in Chicago near our friends and family and if he has to commute he has to commute, and he does to LAS and back. It's not the best commute but at least I have my friends and family to fall back on when he's not around....I also remind him (if/when he whines) that it was his choice to become a pilot and I'm sorry he doesn't like being gone!