Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Hi. Hello there. This is my life lately. Today is all about living a day in the life... of me. It's not really super exciting or filled with world travels, but there are some interesting moments here and there.

There have been moments filled with coffee and blogs, of course! I'm trying to keep up with Jenni's #BlogEveryDayinMay challenge. This stuff is tough, but I love sitting at the computer desk while the soft morning light floats through the window next to me. Vitamin D is good for your soul, right?

Speaking of things that are good for your soul. That list should also include creating artwork and shopping for handmade soap at the farmer's market. Both things make life a little more pretty. Who doesn't love a colorful watercolor painting and clean smelling hands? I've been enjoying both.

We've even managed to squeeze in a little beach time recently too. Oh, and you guys... I saw a whale breach off the east coast of Florida! It was awesome. I always thought I'd have to visit Alaska or Hawaii to see a whale breach, so now I can die happy. It's the little things.

We also enjoyed an evening sitting by the pool. The temperature was agreeable, the place was quiet, and we almost had the pool area to ourselves had the love bugs not been out in full force. Bug swatting aside, I still had some time to mess with my slow shutter app.

What are your days like lately?


  1. Can't believe you saw a whale! Sooo amazing! I've been whale watching a few times off the coast of Cape Cod, but nothing recently. I bet it was simply breathtaking! Oh, and that soap looks so pretty all lined up. Great shot!

  2. That beach looks so pretty. :) Oh and we have the same iphone case :)

  3. Which beach were you at?! Awesome, awesome! I have never seen a whale breach in my life and I have grown up going over there. Lucky girl!! I was hoping to spot on in Cali. but no such luck. Did see seals just swimming freely though, that was neat!

  4. slow shutter app? please share! that shot is awesome!!!

  5. Oh, also, I'm pretty jealous of your whale sighting..... so I'll leave it at that! :)

  6. :) I enjoyed the photos you chose... it's fun to get a little peek into your life... :)