Tuesday, April 30, 2013


You guys, I've got some things I need to confess.

I'm terrible at keeping in touch long distance. Thankfully I have some really great friends who always welcome me with open arms when we finally do reconnect. I wish that I called people as often as I thought about them, but I'm not sure there would ever be enough time for that. Thankfully our new iPhones make it a little easier to keep in touch!

Blog Lovin' confuses the heck out of me. You guys! How did you learn to use this? I imported the blogs I follow through Google friend connect, and somehow I'm still finding that some of my very favorite blogs are not being followed in Blog Lovin'. This is such a learning process for me. Sometimes I think social media is personally out there to confuse me.

Last week I was pulled over at 12am. I was driving back from Disney World with a friend who was visiting from Colorado, and we got pulled over about a half mile from my apartment. I've only been pulled over by the cops twice in my life. Both were for the same thing. My license plate light was burned out, and both times resulted in a warning. Thank goodness.

Creativity runs through my veins. There is nothing I love more than art, music, dance, photography... basically anything artistic. Art was always one of my favorite subjects in school. Back in middle school I played the saxophone in band. I graduated from college with an architecture degree. Lately I've been spending quite a bit of time painting. I often dream about making a living, or least a little cash, from my creative endeavors.

We went on a road trip earlier this month. I cannot believe I haven't even shared a single photo from our trip. My grandpa gave us his car, so we flew to Michigan and drove it back to Florida. My husband and I both saw plenty of new states. I spent some time browsing one of the biggest Christmas stores ever, and we enjoyed a few hours in Savannah, Georgia. I swear one of these days I'll share pictures and stories.

I miss Colorado way too much. Unfortunately, missing the last state we lived in, and the people in it, doesn't help me or my husband to be more content in Florida. This whole moving thing is really harder than I ever thought it would be. Living in Florida is teaching my husband and I both to expand outside of our comfort zones and also to depend more on each other rather than doing things our own way. Sometimes our plan isn't always the best one. Have you read Michelle's post about this?

The power went out while I was writing this. Last night we got a nice big Florida thunderstorm complete with a little bit of hail. The storms here are way less scary than the thunderstorms that built up over the Rocky Mountains, but they seem to bring much more rain than we're used to seeing. Maybe this will subdue the pollen that's attacking my sinuses. One can hope.

rainy Florida evening

Do you have any confessions to make?

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  1. Ok, we have way more in common than I thought (and I thought we had a lot in common before...).

    I'm the utter worst at keeping in touch with people but I think about contacting them all the time. I could not figure out Bloglovin' for the life of me so I ended up switching to feedly. Much more intuitive for me and all my blogs are actually showing up like they're supposed to. I played clarinet in middle school but always wanted to play sax. And we had a major thunderstorm when I was in Texas last week that knocked out the power right as I was starting to watch my lifelong love Justin Timberlake on SNL.

    See? Lots in common. :)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry you are homesick for Colorado :( Any future plans to come back permanently? B/c that would be AWESOME! Also, Blog lovin confuses me too. I'm secretly hoping I can still just read the new posts on my dashboard!

  3. I wish I had your driving record. :) You don't want to know mine....

    I love bloglovin'. Give it time. Have you set up groups yet? I have groups that help me out a bit.

    Ummm... what else. I want to hear about the adventures of this road trip! How'd the car hold up? So cool!