Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Oh crap. I'm afraid of quite a few things, but the dark is something that has always scared the heck out of me! Not to mention, things that are already scary in daylight are always magnified by the dark.

even cute things can be creepy in the dark...

- - hearing random noises inside your house.... scarier in the dark.

- - seeing someone moving in the parking lot outside your apartment.... scarier in the dark.

- - riding a roller-coaster, or any ride for that matter... way scarier in the dark!

- - chainsaw noises... obviously scarier in the dark, duh.

- - the woods across from the house where you grew up... the scariest in the dark!!

- - long, empty hallways... much more scary in the dark.

- - ocean waters infested with sharks... absolutely terrifying in the dark.

. . . : : : : . . . : : : : . . . : : : : . . . : : : : . . .

Did you ever watch this show?!
It was so creepy buy boy did I love it.

So.... are you afraid of the dark?


  1. Found your blog via SOML.

    Oh my gosh! I LOVED Are You Afraid of the Dark! I probably shouldn't have watched it because, yes, I AM afraid of the dark. In fact, I can't watch scary movies anymore because of my fear.

  2. I LOVED that show! When it came on, we'd always turn off the lights and close the curtains to make it dark and spooky in the living room while we watched it. And yes, chainsaw noises are definitely scarier in the dark. Who cuts down trees at night? No one. So chainsaw noises in the dark clearly mean a chainsaw murderer coming for me.

  3. You are RIGHT! This stuff is SO much more intimidating and scary in the dark!

  4. Haha, it's so true -- things are so much scarier in the dark! Also: love that Ursula picture! She's scary no matter what -- possibly more scary in the daylight!

  5. So true! I live (mostly) alone and not in the best neighborhood and it is so true, I sometimes find myself staying up until the sun comes up if I hear an especially scary noise! So glad to have found your blog And am looking forward to reading more! :)

  6. I hate hearing random noises in the dark. Of course I always work myself up about the littlest thing and convince myself it's something awful and scary. usually it's like the wind haha!

  7. yes, Yes, YES. it doesn't help that i grew up in the middle of nowhere woods... once something growled at me when i was getting my dads phone outta the car for him. scarred me for life... i'm pathetic. you're cool. thats all.