Friday, May 3, 2013

Blogging Makes Me Uncomfortable

So far I'm 3 for 3 posting for Jenni's Blog Every Day in May Challenge. I've never blogged every day in a month, so this will be quite the feat if I can actually do this. We'll see how I feel after a couple of weeks. Alright, now for day 3.... things that make you uncomfortable.

It took me a while to think of something that makes me truly uncomfortable. Not because nothing makes me uncomfortable. "Au contraire, mon frรจre!" There's a decent sized list of things that make me anxious, but it was tough thinking of something that makes me truly uncomfortable. I love using humor to diffuse nerve-racking situations, but this time I wanted to be honest instead of funny.

After coming up with heaps of things that make me only mildly uncomfortable, I realized the thought of sharing my life with a bunch of strangers on the Internet freaks me out. It's a nice little catch 22, because blogging is about sharing your life. However, I don't always want to share for fear of not being liked.

You're probably wondering why I even bother with blogging if sharing with strangers makes me squirm. Sometimes I wonder that same thing too, but sometimes we need to force ourselves to do things outside of our comfort zone. As cheesy as this sounds, there have been plenty of times in my life where doing the uncomfortable led to a great breakthrough and personal growth.

I'm definitely guilty of not sharing everything on this blog. The funny thing is, all the blogs I love the most share everything. It's a nice little catch 22. Now I'm a total goofball, but usually only my close family and friends get to see that side of me. Letting everyone see who I really am makes me plenty uncomfortable. Over the years though, I am learning to worry less about what others think of me. Maybe blogging has helped me at least a little. I suppose it's not all for naught.

I hope you'll like the nerd I am, and if not... that's okay too. Once a nerd, always a nerd.


  1. Love the honesty in this post! It was actually at the top of my list too. Blogging is def. a catch 22 for me as well. I am loving it so far though! I am excited to read the rest of your posts throughout the challenge. I also loved the last sentence about the non-perfect people on your about me page and hope you are enjoying Florida. I am quite fond of it here! Have a fabulous Friday :)

  2. Hello from the link up! :)

    You're right :) it's kinda weird sharing everything for everyone to see, on your blog especially

  3. This is a cute post! I agree that there's a line to be walked between sharing appropriately and over-sharing. But don't be afraid to let your personality shine! :)

  4. I kinda have the opposite problem...i am a major over sharer and it can get me in trouble. It is a hard line especially on blogs.

  5. sometimes I send potential employers my blog link so they can see my writing. Then I cringe that they are actually reading it! Eeekkkk.

  6. Haha we seriously were meant to be friends! I love you and your awesomeness. Embrace it, Ash! ;) If we weren't all a little silly every once in a while life wouldn't be worth living. Or all that fun!