Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter | The Sunday Currently

Happy Easter

{ a snapshot from the 2010 Easter sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater }

reading still working on finishing my last book... I know, it's taking forever. I'm hoping to find a new book to read soon. I need a good story!
writing an email here and there. Since I'm not big on sending texts, I tend to send emails to friends and family instead. I should try and write some blog posts drafts, but I'm sure I'll get distracted with other things, like basketball, today.
listening to a clock ticking in the distance and a jet flying overhead. It's fairly quiet at the moment. Let's hope the new downstairs neighbor's dog doesn't get to barking all day again.
thinking that I should probably get ready to watch basketball soon.
smelling the remnants of carpet cleaner from my lovely ink pen explosion that took place yesterday. There's nothing like cleaning up tiny little ink splatters all over the carpet, wall, your clothes, and computer desk. Yeah.
wishing for a Michigan basketball win today!
hoping that the basketball game doesn't turn out to be a nail biter like that last game against Kansas. I prefer a good old fashion butt whooping instead. :)
wearing at the moment... pajama pants, a white t-shirt, and my glasses.
loving that it's almost April. That means I'm getting closer to visiting Colorado and California in May. I can't wait to see family and friends!
wanting to get iPhones soon. After all these years of not having them, you'd think my patience would be better. It's not.
needing my husband to come home from work, because it's far too quiet around here!
feeling still stuffed from our Chipotle dinner last night. Ugh. We both ate way too much.
clicking through some clothing websites, seeing what kinds of virtual outfits I can put together. I just might put together a few looks on Polyvore too.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

What Just Happened?!

Yeah, this a rare late Friday night blog post. So sue me. As you might be able to tell, I haven't been posting as regularly as usual. I'm sorry for that. It's not because I don't have anything to blog about, but I just haven't been able to put all my thoughts into words lately.

{ how did this picture get in here... }

One thought I can put into words is "holy crap, did Michigan basketball really just pull of that win?!". The answer would be, yes. They did that. It was epic, and it involved plenty of screaming from our living room. And yes, I watched it alone. Who says you can't scream at a sporting event by yourself? Nobody, that's who.

Seeing how I'm all hyped up after watching my school's basketball team make it into the elite 8 since 1994. Yeah, it's been that long. There was a little thing we don't like to mention that setback Michigan's basketball team quite a few decades years. Google it if you really want to know.

Okay, now I'm off to revel in the win! Go Blue!

Tonight I'm linking up with Whitney's

Oh, and because there's a celebratory mood in the air tonight, this song seemed appropriate. Why not, right? If you're a Kansas fan, I'm sorry. That game was crazy! Link up your jam with Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work and then go party. :)

p.s. My husband is on his way home from work... I told him about Michigan's win and said we need to celebrate, so he started singing the song I shared in this post. No joke.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sick Again... Seriously?!

Since moving to Florida, I've been sick more often than I ever was during the entire five years I lived in Colorado. I keep joking that I must be allergic to everything in the Sunshine State, but now I'm actually starting to wonder if that might be true. Lately my head feels a bit foggy and my nose a bit snotty (or maybe that's just me, something my husband might say is up for debate). I'm having a hard time believing that I'm sick again, because my immune system typically kicks most things in the rear.

I usually give thanks for good health, but now I'm starting to curse the pollen that's been floating through the air these past few months. My sinuses don't seem to appreciate the abundance of flora that surrounds us in central Florida. I, on the other hand, really do enjoy the big beautiful trees that hover over our parking lots and roof lines. Hopefully the pollen will subside soon, and then I can get back to being less snotty. At least in the head cold sense.

Now I'm off to go sneeze another few hundred times. Talk to you all later. :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday's Fancies | Neon and Pastels

This week's Friday's Fancies theme had me excited, because it's always fun to make wish lists. There are so many things I love about the spring merchandise that's out right now. I'm loving all the touches of neon, the classic blue and white color scheme, pastels, and of course pretty nail polish too. The sun is shining and temperatures are climbing here in Florida, so colorful clothing is the perfect choice for this time of year.

- - { my spring inspired wish list } - -

Neon and Pastel Spring Favorites

 colorful scarf  |  studded bracelet  |  tribal print dress  |  nail polish  |  neon moccasins

Spring may not last long in Florida, if at all, but I'm trying to make the most of this weather we are having. It's been warm but not hot, and nights are still dipping into cooler temperatures. I wish the weather was like this every day in Florida. We're afraid of the summer heat, and it's unfortunately coming quicker than we'd like. So here's to *spring weather while it lasts!

* For those who are still getting snow (sorry Michigan friends and family), spring will be with you soon enough.

What are your favorite spring items this year?

thanks for viewing

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happy friday!

The Importance of Purpose in Life

Finding life purpose is something I think we all struggle with, or have struggled with, at some point in time. I know plenty of people who question their current career path, have wondered what they'll do after a layoff, or are just plain unhappy with their direction in life. There are also the people who just tough out each week at a job they hate, because they don't know what else they would do. I've been there, and I still sometimes wonder what's in store for me. Purpose seems to be one of those ever elusive creatures that you just hope to stumble upon some day. Then when you find it, you don't want to let go.

I don't think there's a magical equation that will help you find your purpose. There are plenty of career help books out there, and none of them will be able to tell you exactly what you should do. Your heart is probably the best place to turn, because it's been with you all along. Deep down, I think we all really know what makes us happiest. It's just that over the years we've had circumstances and people that quiet our heart. They tell us we're not good enough, fast enough, big enough, or smart enough to do what we really want. I say forget all those things and do what really makes your heart happy. You probably know best which direction to go.

Finding our purpose is important, because it reminds us that we do belong here (wherever that may be). We were all put here for a reason. Knowing that reason, whatever it may be, makes us better people. All we can do is try our hardest to give back to this crazy world the gifts that were given to us. It's either that or let them go to waste, and that would be a shame.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Current Beauty Favorites

Growing up I wasn't much of a girly girl. Makeup wasn't really something I thought much about, and you could find me sweating on the volleyball court most days. However, over the years I'm slowly developing an appreciation for certain beauty products. I don't go crazy over many items, but I do have some favorite items that I can't stop using. Mascara and perfume are items I tend to splurge on when it comes to beauty products. Here are some of my current favorite items.

Current Beauty Favorites

Maybelline color whispers : For a girl who's afraid of lipstick, these are perfect. Something about lipstick scares me. Maybe I have an irrational fear of lip color ending up all over my teeth. I usually opt for sheer, or nude, shades on my lips. The first color whisper I purchased was Lust for Blush, and that wasn't quite enough color. After realizing the colors aren't too pigmented, I got brave and purchased Coral Ambition too. I love them both. Maybe I'll even go crazy and buy a fuchsia color. Probably not though. I need to start thinking of my lip color as part of my whole outfit, and think of it as art.

Lush products : Like I mentioned in this post, I just recently discovered the amazingness that is Lush. After smelling just about every single bath bomb in the store, I finally settled on the Twilight bath bomb. It's a combination of lavender and vanilla, and I kept going back to it's calming scent. I still have yet to use this. Not sure what I'm waiting for, but it's supposed to help you sleep. I usually don't have a problem sleeping, so I'm hoping this thing doesn't induce a coma-like sleep for 12 hours or something.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford : After watching Christina's perfume video on Pretty.Shiny.Sparkly, I learned a lot about the different notes within a perfume. It makes perfume interesting! Black Orchid has notes of bergamot, citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla to name a few. I recently got a sample of this scent from Sephora, and I've been enjoying what little bit I have. Perfume is like wine to me, what goes into it is mostly a mystery to me. I just know when I like it. I tend to gravitate towards scents that have some sort of sandalwood or patchouli base. Black Orchid may be my next perfume purchase.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara : I've splurged on good mascara for quite a few years now, and there's no going back now. Many people swear by drugstore mascara, but I've never really had good luck with it. For years I wore Diorshow, but after trying some of Benefit's new They're Real mascara it's all I wear. It goes on nicely, stays all day, and doesn't clump. Those are all good things in my book.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf : This was a recent birthday gift from my husband. After sampling Flowerbomb in a department store, I knew I had to have a bottle for myself. This perfume smells so delicious I want to eat it. It's not too floral, and it has base notes of patchouli like so many other perfumes I love. My previous favorite scent was Miss Dior, and it had the the base note of patchouli too. Apparently when it comes to scents, my nose knows best. :)

What are some of your current beauty favorites?
Do you like any of the ones I mentioned?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 20

Happy St. Patrick's Day

reading last week I started The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. I haven't been very focused on reading, so it's going slowly so far. Hopefully I'll make time for reading soon.
writing not much... does drawing count?
listening to Fast Times at Ridgemont High on the television.
thinking that St. Patrick's Day isn't quite as exciting as it was in college... either that or we're just getting old. We should do something about that.
smelling remnants of the perfume I put on this morning. Flowerbomb smells yummy!
wishing that it wasn't spring break time in Florida. I want to visit Disney World soon, but I'm not sure we want to tackle those crowds.
hoping for the weather to stay these temperatures for a while. In my opinion they're just about perfect for Florida. Not too hot or cold.
wearing one of the only green pieces of clothing I own and a pair of H&M skinny jeans with zippers on the ankles. I love them.
loving that my husband and I both got a couple of new summer clothing items today. We desperately need more summer humidity suitable clothing.
wanting to make a trip to St. Augustine... and also go birdwatching. It's been too long!
needing lately I've been trying to work on feeling that I need less. You'd be surprised on the sacrifices you can make and still survive. :)
feeling thankful for today. I'm also feeling thankful for living in a country where I can learn whatever I'd like to learn about without being punished.
clicking not a lot today. I may read a few Sunday Currently posts, but I'd like to go do something and not be sitting in front of the computer.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Look Out! The iPhones are Coming

Well, hello friends! I've been a terrible blogger since, um, probably January. It's been nice not feeling tied to the computer, but I'm afraid that feeling may not last forever. You see, we're purchasing iPhones next month. That's such an exciting thing, but it's also scary. My husband and I don't want to become one of 'those' people who can't pry themselves from their smart phone. Last week, I kid you not, we saw grown adults riding the Flying Dumbo ride at Disney (and that's not even the scary part) while not lifting their eyes from their cell phone screens even once. Look around for goodness sake! You're at Disney World, the place of magical details and colors. I have no idea what could be more important than taking in the lovely world around you.

are those storks delivering iPhones?

While it's exciting that we're finally becoming grown ups, or smart phone owners, I'm worried that they'll consume us. Hopefully having smart phones will be a novelty that wears off quickly. I have to admit, the thing I'm most excited for is having a decent camera that will be readily available at almost all times. However, I've been known to not answer a text message for days, so don't expect me to be available 24/7 after getting an iPhone. My husband thinks it's funny how I'll leave my phone at home when we go out, but I think it's just necessary at times.

In a way I feel like we have to enjoy this time before smart phones in the same way couples make the most of their time before having kids, because we all know that we'll have much less free time after we get smart phones. Yucky. That's terrible, but also sort of true.

This weekend I'm hoping to do some drawing, painting, and maybe even read a book. I'm also going to be walking slowly because I have majorly sore legs after attempting the 'Brazilian Butt Workout' that I stumbled across on Pinterest. I still want to keep my American butt, but I'd like to not look like a jello jiggler in a bikini. We all know it's just about summer here in Florida, so it's time to get my butt in shape. Why not start now?

Frog jumps, sliders, and donkey kicks may not sound that bad, but they are no joke you guys! I've still got sore legs from doing these workouts two days ago now. Not to mention, I couldn't even finish the whole workout. If you're interested in trying it, you can find the workout here.

I'm guessing just about everyone except for us has a smart phone.
How do you keep from being glued to your cell phone?

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pretty Photos from Around the World

Last week we visited Disney World. That place is absolutely packed with the greatest little details. Everything from the sidewalk to the trees were thought about in some way. The architect in me loves every little bit of it.

All around Disney World I noticed endless amounts of beautiful flowers in bloom, and we even came across a lovely little rose garden near the castle. I'm guessing the rose garden is one of those places that gets very little attention from excited vacationers. Most children don't think of stopping to literally smell the roses, especially while they have Mickey Mouse on the brain. We really enjoyed the relief from the crowds that garden offered. It was a much needed peaceful spot in an otherwise bustling location.

I suppose knowing you can come back again soon, and having a few decades behind you, puts you in a more observant frame of mind at times. Having a nice camera around your neck doesn't hurt either. Looking around for the perfect angle, frame, or background is like an exciting treasure hunt. One that yields preserved memories to be saved for eternity. If I ever lose the digital file or photograph itself, I think some of these shots will be burned into my memory anyways.

Disney World has so much to offer aside from the rides, characters, and food. Looking around may result in sensory overload. You just have to take your time, slow down, and remember to stop and smell the roses.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 19

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a beautiful rose from the rose garden at Disney's Magic Kingdom

reading we ventured out to the bookstore today and I bought Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. I'm kind of excited to start it.
writing working on a couple blog posts. Maybe I'll actually post a few this week.
listening to the sound of sprinklers kicking on outside.
thinking that it's a little late for posting a Sunday Currently post, but I'm doing it anyway.
smelling cigar smoke floating in from the balcony. My husband thought it would be a good idea to smoke a cigar he purchased with a friend back in January... all because he thinks it might go bad. Right. :)
wishing that making friends in your 30s was easier.
hoping to visit Disney World again soon. We went last week with my friends from Michigan.
wearing a grey tank top and comfortable purple fleece pajama pants with snowflakes on them.
loving that we met a couple new friends this week.
wanting to be more productive and read/write more often.
needing (see above)
feeling like we need to take advantage of my husband's days off of work this week.
clicking not a lot. I'm hoping to catch some of your Sunday Currently posts the next couple of days.

Happy Sunday!
Hope you all had a nice weekend.