Monday, May 13, 2013

I Apologize

Dear Ashley,

We've had some good times... and some bad times too.
Mainly I'm here today to apologize for a few things on your behalf. 

Your Life.

- - : : - - : : - - : : - - : : - - : : - -

Don't take my Coca Cola!

First of all... sorry you felt the need to throw that poor girl's Barbie into the woods behind your baby sitter's house. I know she wouldn't let you play with it, but that was a rather drastic measure.

Sorry that few people knew much about sun protection during your years growing up in the summer sun on the lake. I'm also sorry you used tanning beds far too much, but I'm thankful you wear sunscreen like it's your job now.

I'm sorry you weren't very prepared for college and that you didn't try harder to figure out what you enjoyed doing the most. I'm still thankful you graduated with a college degree though.

Sorry that you helped yourself to soft serve ice cream probably every night for dinner in the dorm cafeteria. As much as you wish it was, ice cream is not a food group.

Seriously though, I'm really sorry you take your student loan debt to be the worst thing in the world. I can think of worse things.... say for instance, being homeless with no family. Practice gratitude.

Sorry that you had such terrible taste in (almost all) guys during your college years, but I'm not sorry that every past mistake led to your current husband. He's the best!

Mostly I'm sorry you ever let any fears get in your way, and I hope that you forge ahead without letting silly things get in the way! Keep on keepin' on.

. . . : : : : . . . : : : : . . . : : : : . . . 

Have something that you're sorry for?


  1. Wait... you mean ice cream ISN'T a food group?! Oh no.

  2. Lovely blog post... poor Barbie!

    I like that line: "Keep on Keepin on"

    Also taking part in Blog everyday in May. Feel free to pop over and say hi.

  3. I love this spin and that you chose to apologize to yourself. This is greatness :) And the whole college thing?! Understand that wholeheartedly!

  4. For screwing around in college. Now I have too much debt in student loans. They suck the life out of me :/ Wish I would have been smart about all that.