Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paint Me Something Pretty

Creativity has been making a more regular appearance in my life lately, and it's a welcome change. I've been making everything from paintings to handmade bracelets. I feel the need to be productive, and sometimes the best way is for me to create something pretty.

I've always been a maker of things. Entire villages made of tiny lego pieces, sandcastles on the beach, jewelry, collages made from magazine cutouts, music, beautiful photos. I sometimes can't help myself.

painting the day away...

You may have already seen this picture of my paint palette on Instagram, but this snapshot is the perfect glimpse into my days lately. Colorful and creative. I just want to make things... pretty things.


  1. Hello from the link up! :)

    Love the picture :)

  2. Making pretty things, yes! I've bought some cross stitch stuff and can't wait to make some patterns to get started :)

  3. Painting the day away sounds lovely....