Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flights of Fancy | Butterfly Rainforest

After visiting the Butterfly Rainforest during our trip to Gainesville last week, it's becoming more apparent that I am mesmerized by things that fly. I clearly already have an obsession with birds, and I can add butterflies to that list too. If our parking hadn't been about to expire, and my husband hadn't been growing tired of sitting in a butterfly garden, I could have honestly spent all day long sitting and watching the beautiful butterflies in Gainesville's little self-contained rainforest. I absolutely cannot get enough of things that fly. (especially my husband... okay, that was cheesy but I had to do it) Something about flight just gets my creative ideas and imagination flowing.

watching a live butterfly release

Butterflies are incredible for so many different reasons. There's something rather awe-inspiring about living things, and even manmade creations, that escape the power of gravity in their daily life. Birds and butterflies capture my attention for this very reason. They flit and fly about so effortlessly. Butterflies also bring the miracle of life to the forefront. Most butterflies live only a few weeks, so we get the opportunity to see every single part of their life if we're patient. All I know is that their short little lives bring me plenty of joy, and I'll never tire of watching a butterfly flit around from flower to flower.

Butterflies are great teachers. We must be kind, careful, patient, and appreciate life each and every day. I was reminded of all these things while watching the butterflies. When it comes to having patience I often struggle with waiting, but put a butterfly chrysalis that's about to hatch right in front of my face, and I'll wait forever just to see that darn butterfly emerge. Funny how we can't make Mother nature work at our pace. She will take her time, but everything will happen when the timing is right. The butterflies also reminded me of how fragile life is. We should not take things for granted, because you never know how long you have on earth. Before I go and ruin the fun and carefree mood that a butterfly evokes, I also was reminded that beautiful things are all around us. Look up, down, beside you, and you will find beauty.

blue morpho

We spent around two hours at the Butterfly Rainforest. Obviously the main attraction, the butterfly, was exciting, but there were plenty of other players too. All around the 'rainforest' we spotted little birds, turtles, and even fish. A gurgling stream runs through the middle of the facility, and you might even find yourself in the company of a cute little turtle who has adventured outside of the stream. There were plenty of things to look at in the rainforest.

Definitely make sure you visit the area where the butterflies emerge from their own little chrysalis; it's pretty neat. Also, try and catch the live butterfly release. It's educational and also just plain fun to watch the butterflies and moths escape their little cages and fly off into the butterfly rainforest.

If you're ever in the Gainesville area, I highly recommend that you visit the Butterfly Rainforest.

this was me waiting for a butterfly to land on my hand. it never happened...

but this happened.

my husband was a butterfly magnet!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Peace out!


  1. I love butterflies, too. They're so delicate and fragile yet some have the power to fly for hundreds of miles when then migrate. And I'm fascinate by how they start life as something else entirely then go through this metamorphosis to become such beautiful little creatures. Plus, the details and coloring on some of them is just amazing! To me, butterflies show off what an artist Mother Nature truly is.

    Also, I've heard that when having a butterfly land on you will bring good luck so maybe the hubs will get an extra dose after that trip!

  2. please excuse the many many typos in that comment!!

  3. I've never seen some of those butterflies before! How gorgeous! It really does remind me of when I was in Costa Rica! It's funny because I was the butterfly magnet in Costa Rica and they wouldn't land anywhere near Alex! Haha! I thought it was my bright yellow shirt, but your hubs is wearing blue... so that doesn't make sense.

    Maybe we are both just made of sweet stuff. :) And you and Alex, well, I can't speak for you! haha!

  4. Butterflies are VERY fun to photograph! At the Chattanooga Aquarium they have a butterfly room, and I love to visit there! You got some really pictures!!