Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 4

{ you can view last week's currently blog post if you'd like to catch up a bit }

reading I'm not really feeling the book I started reading last week. Does anyone have any good book recommendations? I want something I can get into, but I don't want a beach read type of book if you know what I mean. For now I'll be reading the Sunday paper.
writing a grocery list of things I need for this week.
listening to Kaki King and other acoustic musicians on Pandora. It makes me sad to find out that many of my favorite musicians never visit Florida on their tours. I don't blame them though. The sunshine state is definitely not a musical hotbed.
      I'm also listening to this song
Clocks by Old School Freight Train on Grooveshark

thinking that I really didn't get enough sleep last night. Ugh.
smelling a cup of coffee. Yum!
wishing that Florida felt more like home. It's not the worst place ever, but during times when we expect the seasons to change it gets tough to handle. Most of the country is experiencing fall and we're still in the thick of summer weather.
hoping that we'll be able to travel to Michigan or Colorado sometime over the holidays.
wearing jeans, my new sweater from Forever 21, pave earrings, and a necklace with two charms that were gifts from my high school graduation.
loving See the above song by Old School Freight Train.
wanting a pretty new bracelet... like this one... or even this one. I have a pave problem. (:
needing a new pair of jeans. I'm getting holes in some of my old ones. Sad face.
feeling pretty energetic and healthier, because my husband and I have started working out again. My legs are sore today, but it's a good thing.
clicking through my email inbox.

earrings (similar)  |  nail polish


  1. i didn't sleep well last night either - and i'm definitely feeling the effects of it today. i tossed & turned, & it feels like i ran a marathon [in a bad way].

    in happier news, i absolutely love your nail polish. i've been searching for my 'wedding day color,' & you may just have helped me find it :)

  2. I just read the new Emily Giffin "Where We Belong". It was pretty good! Definitely my recommendation if you haven't read it yet.

    Anddddd you are adorable. Such a cute picture of you! :)

  3. I'm obsessed with those bracelets! I finally got a chain bracelet from Etsy but I keep wanting that one from J Crew.
    Are you on Good Reads? That's a really good way to find new books. Ever since I've been on it I can't stop adding to my to-read list.

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  5. Aww sorry Fl isn't feeling like home yet. I can totally relate as I've just moved from Florida to the UK and homesickness hits me at the most random times! Love the last picture, that's how I always feel...sbux can make any day better ha!

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  8. Gone Girl ... totally awesome book! a MUST read