Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Experience a Florida Winter

Florida obviously has a very different winter than most other parts of the country. At least the parts where I've lived previously. A Michigan and Colorado winter is a very different thing than the winter we know here in Florida. We don't have winters with snow and windshield scraping here in the sunshine state. The kind of winter I'm talking about today though is a city near Orlando called Winter Park. No you won't find sledding or ice skating in this park, but you will find gorgeous cobblestone streets, upscale shopping, a museum, and some fine dining too. Come with me and experience a beautiful Florida Winter.

Our time in Winter Park was short, but we did make time to drive around and gawk at some mansions. We also walked past shops on Park Avenue, and I managed to squeeze in a few photos before it started to rain. The Morse Museum in town featured arts and crafts furnishings that I hope to see before the exhibit leaves. Next time we visit I'll try and photograph some of the gorgeous houses.

At one point, Winter Park was a winter resort for wealthy people. Now it's a year round residence for people who don't mind escaping winter weather forever. The houses there are beautiful, and the cobblestone streets have charm. Winters in Florida are warm and lovely. Winter Park is no exception.

Have you ever visited Winter Park, Florida?

Where is your winter weather escape?


  1. Winter here in California is pretty nice too, compared to other parts of the country!

    I haven't found a park like that around here though!

  2. Yall are doing an awesome job experiencing Florida!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Winter Park! My cousins used to live in Winter Park. I'll take a moment to brag. By cousins, I mean my (ex/divorced) uncle Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel's drummer) and my aunt Mary DeVitto (Christie Brinkley and Stevie Nicks bff)... oh, I'm not done. As in my cousin, Torrey DeVitto (of Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries, married to Paul Wesley fame)... okay, I'm done....

    Anyway, my cousins used to live in Winter Park and I loved visiting them. I would pick out all of the houses I would live in when I got older. And the shopping is GREAT!!!

    And sorry, I just name dropped my family like it was going out of style. But it's out of my system now. I promise.

    I am glad you like Winter Park! I always think that if I get a chance to visit my sister at UCF, I'll take her back out there for a day trip. My aunt lives back in Michigan, now, but it would be cool to visit.

  4. We thought of living somewhere around there if we ever moved to SFB, (not in winter park as the company doesn't pay well enough for that!) but somewhere near there, it was beautiful!