Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Barbecue Around the Country

Barbecue has got to be one of my favorite food groups. (don't try and tell me it's not one) I love a good pulled pork sandwich or brisket every now and then. I was born in Texas after all! We've got a growing list of barbecue places all around the country that we hope to visit some day, and we're slowly checking them off of the list. Unfortunately we moved to the wrong part of the country for epic barbecue, but we did recently enjoy a meal from 4 Rivers Smokehouse near Orlando. The service couldn't have been friendlier, and we left with full bellies.

pulled pork with sides of banana pudding and macaroni and cheese

One of my husband's coworkers suggested 4 Rivers Smokehouse, because we mentioned that we had plans to visit the Orlando area. It's no Nordy's, which is our favorite barbecue restaurant in Colorado, but it was good. You enter 4 Rivers and order your meal at a counter, and you also choose your sides or other items you may want. After paying, you proceed with your trays to the dining room where you find plenty of picnic tables and booths to enjoy your barbecue food.

We both had sandwiches that came with two sides of our choosing. My pulled pork sandwich was good, but my favorite food actually ended up being the sweet potato casserole that my husband ordered as his side. Needless to say, he ended up sharing with me. Boy was that stuff good! We noticed a small rack of ribs on another customer's place, and they looked a bit dried out for our taste. I think sticking with the pulled pork and brisket was the safe bet. Get yourself a sandwich with sides if you visit!

Aside from the barbecued meats, there are also plenty of sweets available at 4 Rivers. I really wish I would have saved room for the sweet shop at 4 Rivers, but both my husband and I were still full from lunch. Eating our sandwiches did us in, so maybe if we visit again soon we'll save room for their sweets.
* The Ozona Pig in Ozona, FL has the best banana pudding ever! Go there for your banana pudding fix.

My husband and I enjoyed the food at 4 Rivers Smokehouse. It's nice trying new restaurants. Sadly, our favorite barbecue is still found in Colorado. That's quite the drive for a brisket and sausage. Until then, I suppose we'll be returning to 4 Rivers Smokehouse for our barbecue fix.

some day we hope to try these barbecue eateries:

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Do you like barbecue?

Have you visited any of the places I mentioned?
What's your favorite place to get BBQ?


  1. I live in Kansas City. We have GREAT barbecue here. I am fond of Bryant's, Jack Stack has THE BEST burnt ends ... Rosedale is amazing too! People absolutely love Gates, but I'm not fond of it. You ever make it to KC try any of the above mentioned!

  2. Oh man, I love barbeque. I know everyone thinks their region's is the best but it's almost impossible to find bad bbq in Texas. Honestly, though, my fave is my uncle's brisket. He makes for me it every year when I go home for new year's. :)

  3. I love how they just put the sandwich smack dab on the tray! It just exudes bbq joint! And it looks sooooo delicious! I have heard of JMueller BBQ before. But I'm slow to the scene because I was a vegetarian for over 10 years! But gosh, I love it now!!!

  4. I'm totally with you on counting BBQ as a food group...don't we all think that in the South? Yum Yum Yum. I look forward to having BBQ at least weekly. This place looks SO good. :D

  5. Now you've got me craving some brisket smothered in bbq sauce, smoked sausage, fried okra, and fall-off-the-bone-delicious-ribs!! Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

    Great pictures! xo