Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Glitter Tip Sherbet Nails

Summer temperatures are in full force here in Florida, so I felt my nails needed to reflect the weather (no pun intended, although they are quite glittery). I'm not going to let bright summery nail polish die just because the calendar says it's technically fall. I feel like such a rebel.

It's no secret that I love nail polish, and there's also no denying that I've been loving glittery nails like the ones you can see here and here. My experimenting with glitter led me to try a new approach, because my nails never ended up looking as full of glitter on the tips as some pictures I had found.

I discovered that if you just apply a little silver polish under the glitter (you could use gold if you're going with gold glitter... or any color for that matter) it really makes the glitter look thicker and stands out better. When I applied glitter alone to my nail tips, it just didn't have the same effect.

Follow along for how to get gorgeous glitter tip nails!

left to right:  seche clear  |  a crewed interest  |  stunning  |  celeb city

Step 1 - Apply base coat.
{ I use Seche Clear }

Step 2 - Apply two coats of color all over nail.
{ I used essie's a crewed interest }

Step 3 - Paint a thin layer of silver color to nail tips. Create a jagged edge
Think opposite of french tips. Get a little messy here.
{ I used Sally Hansen's Celeb City for this step }

__ you can see how I painted the silver tips in the photo below__

Step 4 - Paint glitter onto tips of nails, but paint glitter below where the silver ends.
 {I used Revlon's Stunning glitter polish for this layer }

Again make a jagged edge, so your glitter does not form a straight line across nail tips.

Step 5 - apply a topcoat! I am currently out of topcoat, so I didn't use any this time.

the nails on the left have no glitter yet, and you can see the finished nail to the right

Maybe when the weather drops below 80 I'll bust out some more fall appropriate colors, but until then I'll be rocking some pretty summer colors. Thank goodness glitter works all year long!

Happy Wednesday


  1. ooh ashley that is so pretty!! i love that a crewed interest and the sparkly, definitely need to do this on my nails soon

  2. That is so pretty! And I just gotta say- your ring is gorgeous!

  3. LOVE the glitter! It's so much better than a typical french manicure. And I love how it just makes your ring SPARKLE!!!! I need to get more creative with my nail polish. I still haven't even done the style where you color your ring finger a different color. I'm a little behind!

  4. Gorgeous! I did something similar for Hudson's bday party (using colored glitter) but it didn't turn out nearly this pretty! :) Love that you are being a Summer Lovin' Rebel. :D

  5. Gahhh those are super cute! And OMG your ring is beautiful :)

    xoxo, Nicole Rene
    Simply Savannah

  6. Oh my gosh, love this nail look! Your ring is STUNNING! xo