Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Belated Birthday Gifts

Last week we celebrated my husband's birthday, but the presents just keep coming. When a delivery man dropped off a package with his name on it yesterday, my husband actually told me how he loves that his birthday has been stretched out for almost a week now. He was like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning with this one. I think I may have gave one too many hints.

... digging in without hesitation ...

His other gifts consisted mostly of cards and money gifts, but this package was the only other present, besides the ones I gave him, that required unwrapping. There was a little bit of built up anticipation, and he wasn't disappointed by what was found inside.

... I think he had an idea of what it was at this point ...

... a happy birthday boy ...

My husband was thrilled with the delicious New Belgium craft beers he received. Not only are these some of his favorite beers out there, but they're good in my book too. We're both winners with this one. They're like a little slice of Colorado packaged up by someone who loves us and shipped right to our front door. Literally.

Not only was the gift nice, but I had a good laugh at the card my dad sent too.

You've got to love a good sense of humor. Beer and a birthday card with a play on the word ass. Ha! It can't get much sillier, or better, than that. Now we have some work to do, so we'll catch you later. (:


  1. That is one awesome birthday package! I know Fat Tire but what's that beer in the middle with the yellow label?

  2. looks like a great birthday for the hubby!

  3. That's too funny! How fun to open a present with beer inside... Maybe I'll copy that idea for Christmas with my husband's favorite beers haha. He LOVES fat tire! He always tells me how he found out about it on a sky trip in Colorado and how happy he is that you can find it everywhere now!

  4. hahaha - and belated birthday gifts are the best :)


  5. haha thats great! love the photos! your blog is so cute!

  6. First of all... I love Fat Tire! We had it at our wedding! It had JUST come out in a bottle in Virginia & Alex said it was mandatory!

    Second of all, I recently said the same thing as your hubs! Since we were away for my birthday, mine stretched out over a few weeks, too. And it was really, really nice. I think from now on I'm going to purposefully either give people their gifts early or late, because it's really, really nice to get something in the mail on an unexpected day. :)

  7. Dear Ashley, I used to live in Colorado and had a great tour of their brewery. I also enjoyed tour de fat bike parade through downtown denver. (Until I was injured. Beer & biking is a precarious combination.) sadly, I live in Oklahoma City and can't get new Belgium here. There's a rule against refrigerated beer. It's pretty tough living here in the Bible Belt. I'm praying the lawmakers will find some common sense. :)

  8. What a cute birthday present! And, it's nice that you get to enjoy it too :)
    Isn’t That Charming.