Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Inspired Fashions

Fall is quietly becoming my favorite season. I hate to say that too loudly, because I would hate for the other seasons to get jealous. Let's be honest though, fall is pretty great for many reasons. I have plenty of long sleeved cozy things in my closet, and they're just begging for attention this time of year. Unfortunately, it's still too hot for them, but I did make a few Florida fall appropriate purchases recently.

The purchase of this orange sweater (I know it almost looks red, but I promise it's a dark orange) and black and white striped skirt are inspired by pins like this one and even this one. There's no time like fall to wear orange and not feel scared by its bold color. I can maybe even get away with wearing this skirt year round. That's a nice thing about fall in Florida. I can throw on a pair of tights when it gets really cold, but most likely I'll be wearing it with bare legs. See. I told you I'm a rebel.

sweater (similar)   |   skirt   |   sunglasses (similar)

These fall items are great, because they're fun colors that are wearable in the hot Florida temperatures. Heck, you can even wear this skirt with tights and boots if you are lucky enough to live in a cooler climate. The sweater happens to be fairly lightweight, so you can wear it alone or layered under a vest or jacket. Options are always good. I also love how the orange color makes me think of pumpkins! Any time I see orange and black I can't help but think of Halloween. I can't stop. I've got fall on the brain.

What are your favorite fall fashions?


  1. I feel ya! We have Indian summers in the Bay, but this year has been even warmer than normal! September and October are the warmest months in SF... I was able to go out this weekend w/o a jacket!

    And whenever I have the chance between skirt/tights or pants, I'm just gonna choose skirt! So your fall picks are perfect for me!

  2. skirt/tights/boots are my go-to in the fall! I can't believe that striped skirt is so cheap! I'm also loving the deep burgundy and green denim I've been seeing. I think that might be my next fall purchase...

  3. i think that fall is my favourite season as well. i love the bright crisp mornings and wrapping up warm. my favourite items for this season would definitely be chunky knits :) xx

  4. Love that orange color! I love orange, but sometimes I do fret about it being to loud. Fall is a great time to wear it! Also, I've recently noticed how well orange goes with blue.... so there's another option for you! Although that skirt is adorable!