Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Harvest Time!

Fall brings images of harvests and reaping the rewards of hard work that has been done all summer. I love a good harvest, whether it's apples, corn, pumpkins, or even basil. Yes, you heard me correctly. Basil.

... my basil plants when they were just tiny babies ...

A couple of nights ago I found myself ogling the Pioneer Woman's basil garden. She had me laughing over her "basil psychosis" (fear of harvesting the homegrown basil leaves and running low on supply), and I couldn't help but be glad I'm not the only one with that problem. However, this thinking is counterproductive, because if you pinch off some of the top leaves from your plant, your basil will actually grow better. Oops. Live and learn.

... more of my baby basil plants ...

If there's one herb I could eat almost every day, it's basil.

Just yesterday I harvested two packed cups full of the basil that I've been working so hard to grow outside on our balcony. Believe me, I was downright scared I might use it all up and have no basil left for later. Thank goodness I still have a little left.

... my harvested basil, ready to become pesto ...

Fall is most definitely time for harvests, and I'm thankful for my homegrown basil. I predict plenty of fresh pesto in the near future! Hang in there, tomorrow I'll share with you how really easy it is to make homemade pesto. I promise, it's simple.


  1. Basil equals pesto. And pesto equals tuna and peas pesto tortellini... which I make weekly. Basil is the best.

    We think on the same page, my friend. Enjoy your pesto. It's the best....

    Someone once told me the only reason to have basil is to make pesto. I couldn't agree more!!!!

  2. Good for you growing basil! I need to do that! I love pesto and basil soups! :D

  3. I def wasn't born with a green thumb but maybe I could so this!? hmmm just might have to try!

  4. Oh my goodness. I REALLY want my own lil herb garden!