Monday, October 29, 2012

Among the Birds

During our visit to Busch Gardens last week, we spent some time in Lory Landing. It's the one stop I make every single time we visit the park. If you're new to my blog, you may not know that I love birds. Birding has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies, so it's only natural that I'd love spending time among the birds while at an amusement park. While people are being plummeted 200 feet to their imminent death straight down towards the ground just a short distance away, I'm feeding cute little birds and ducking for cover whenever one flies inches from my head. It's a thrill all its own. At least for someone who loves birds.

are you getting my good side?

you can't see me

 my husband coaxed this one onto his finger even without the cup of $5 nectar

we caught a bird fight, feathers flew

there's even a home for ducks

such long skinny legs

lovely colorful facial markings

taking in some sun

curious bird

we just caught this one on the way out... it had the most beautiful colors!

It happens every time. I wonder if these birds know they're being held captive. Have they ever experienced the freedom of flying in the world outside? They might be safer from predators in their amusement park save haven, but do they ever want outside of their cage. I wonder where Busch Gardens gets all of these beautiful birds. I am glad we get to enjoy their company.

While it's very different experiencing birds in their natural habitats, I do enjoy seeing exotic birds while in a park too. Not too different than a zoo; these animals are captive. In a cage or not, they are still wild at heart. They may take nibbles of your fingers, they fight, and they fly. They're still birds.


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! That first one, especially! I grew up with birds. My favorite was our green cheeked conure, Baby, who looked a little like your first bird. My mom was always a bird watcher and we grew up on 4 acres in the woods, so the bird books were always out! They were never this gorgeous or colorful, though. Benefit of living in Florida, no?

  2. Those birds are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors!!!

  3. wow what beautiful birds!! i love their many colors. i didn't know you love birding that is so cool, how did you get interested in it?

  4. Love the pictures Ashley!!! Love the vibrant colors on some of those birds!

  5. Pretty bird. Pretty bird.
    Makes me think of the movie Rio. How Blue wanted so badly to get back to his person instead of being free ha! Loved that movie.

    God took a lot time creating all these pretty birds with fabulous colors!

  6. Such beautiful birds! And i love the photos too ;) I think they don't know they are held captive - let's pretend anyway. I hope you are soaking up all beautiful exotic things in Florida! PS. my friend who is a pilot might be moving to Tampa, Orlando, or FLL too!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Great blog! :) Would you like to follow each other?

  8. LOVE these pictures, what camera do you use - if you don't mind me asking!? And we love Bush Gardens too! Did you ride the new coaster? {I'm too chicken}