Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 3

It's been a whole week since I published a blog post, but I promise I'm still here.

This past week we visited Gainesville, Florida...
and I hope to share some pictures with you later this week.

How has your weekend been...
what are you doing this Sunday?

this is what I'm doing
{ you can view my currently blog post from last week if you want to catch up a bit }

reading I finally cracked open the cover of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Are you reading anything good right now?
writing ideas in my head for characters that I'd love to write about on paper some day. Who knows, maybe they'll stay in my head and never end up on paper. It's fun to "write" about them for now though.
listening to a cover of Make You Feel My Love by Adele. It's beautiful. I'm going to browse some old songs on my iTunes too... beginning with Kathleen Edwards. Love her!
thinking that I am blessed even though life isn't perfect and doesn't always go my way.
smelling my Scentsy Rio Beach wax burning in our office. Yum! I could use a fall scent. Did you know that Michelle is now a Scentsy dealer? Go visit her Scentsy website now. (:
wishing lots of things... that the world would turn to peace and not violence for one, and lots of other deep thoughts sort of things.
hoping for visits with friends and family in the near future. Or maybe a phone call or skype session soon.
wearing bootcut denim, a grey long sleeve top with black arm patches, my red/black houndstooth scarf, black earrings, and my silver bracelet that a good family friend gave to me as a high school graduation gift. I always think of her, and her thoughtfulness, when I wear it.
loving lots of fall television shows. We've been keeping up with The Voice, X Factor, Go On, Parenthood, and Modern Family. Whew. Oh... and
wanting some new fall clothes, but more importantly cooler weather so I could enjoy wearing my hypothetical new clothing.
needing to call and talk to some family and friends that I haven't spoken with in a while. Not to mention, I could really use a visit to Colorado and Washington to visit with family and friends.
feeling a little bit frustrated spiritually, but I've still got hope.
clicking my way through iTunes. I'm hoping to find some new music that I like, and I'm also going to download the free app that I nabbed from Starbucks today.

Happy Sunday!
Now go link up with Lauren. (:


  1. finding you from Lauren... and I know I don't know you (yet!) but I love how focused this is on connecting with friends and family. something we probably all need to work on! thank you :)

  2. Oooo can't wait to see pictures of your Gainesville trip!

    And you are just the sweetest!!! Thanks for mentioning me!!!! :) I like that picture of you! SO happy fall tv is back!!!


  3. oh, gainesville! justin is obsessed & we have been many, many times because he is a huge UF fan. we usually try to attend the LSU-Florida game every year, but we haven't been able to go the last couple times because of our move to north carolina.

    on another note: girl, i love your style! so, so cute!

  4. I love your outfit...super cute scarf!! Looking forward to reading more!!

  5. Your day trip looked fun and I love your outfit here. If you are looking for some new music, the new mumford and sons album is amazzing. Ive had it on repeat since it came out last week.

  6. I love Adele's version of that song! It was on our short list for the first dance. So was the original. But we thought it might be toooooooo slow to dance to in front of 100 people!

    I totally wanted to do a currently post yesterday. But, then again, I was on vacation. So it was hard to think about doing anything but soaking in the last of my break!