Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 9

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Go Broncos!

reading you know, I'm usually quite the reader but don't really have a new book to read... I really need to dig through my bookshelf and find something to re-read.
writing lists for just about everything: Christmas gift lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, etc...
listening since I wait until after Thanksgiving before playing any Christmas music, there's plenty of holiday music playing around here now. Especially songs like this one and this one too.
thinking that I may be one of the palest people in Florida. Did you see my arms in that picture?! Yikes.
smelling a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Yum!
wishing that I'd looked into renting a wide-angle lens sooner, because I really wanted one for Tuesday. "Doh!"
hoping that things fall into place for us over the next few months.
wearing first off, it's cool enough for socks! Three cheers for that. I'm wearing jeans and my Broncos shirt. Three cheers for the Broncos too. (:
loving how it's been cool enough outside to keep our windows and doors open.
wanting desperately to go snowboarding, sledding, or anything else outdoors in the snow.
needing to stop tricking myself into thinking I need things I don't.
feeling super excited to see Christmas decorations at the Disney hotels this week.
clicking I'm not sure I really feel like being online much today. I would love to watch some football, plan our Tuesday at Disney, and maybe squeeze in a little nap.

What are you doing today?

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  1. Disney on Tuesday!?!?! How much fun! When we were in Orlando this summer for Alex's dad's wedding, I really wanted to hit up Disney but his family is rather, um, I don't have a nice word for it so I'll stop there.

    They don't do well with planning things in advance and usually take the path of least resistance. So... we spent the entire trip at the hotel. Alex and I "escaped" by walking across the street to the outdoor mall and eating less-expensive meals by ourselves.

    Anyway, have a blast at Disney! I do miss that place! And three cheers for it being cold enough to wear socks! My sister is home from UCF and she's all tan and a freezing up here in Maryland. It's funny to watch her. Florida is so strange.... ;)

  2. yay for disney on tuesday! can't wait to see the photos you bring back.

    your 'smelling' has been headed to the kitchen as soon as i finish writing this comment - i need a fresh cup now!

    i feel you on the internet thing today - i wrote my post for today & now i'm like, 'ok, that's enough.' we are watching football & i think i'm about to pull on some workout clothes & hit the park for a muchly-needed run.

    i hope you have a great sunday :)

    oh, ps - i also wait until after thanksgiving to listen to christmas music, but i haven't yet. i need to add some to my current playlist.