Friday, November 9, 2012

The Beauty of a Bonfire

When I saw the theme for this week's Friday Fancies, I couldn't get help but get excited. Some of my most fond memories include sitting next to a roaring fire in our yard on Burt Lake in northern Michigan. Cooking s'mores on the fire was a summertime ritual, and the heat of a fire was the perfect complement to a cool Michigan summer night. I can almost hear the crackling of the fire now.

photo taken during my August visit to Michigan this past summer

I feel so blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful location. Growing up I most definitely took it for granted, but now I know what a rarity it is to experience such peaceful and thought provoking places. They surely don't come along every day. That is unless you're one of the few who is lucky enough to live in such a place. I hope you'll enjoy a bonfire for me.

Sitting next to a burning fire in the cool northern Michigan air will make you very thankful for warmth. It will remind you to slow down a little. It might also send you into deep thoughts where you may solve a world problem or two. Who knew that a little fire could make one feel so thankful.

Growing up in a small rural town with a lake as my backyard, I had no idea that people lived in suburbs and cities without fire pits to enjoy their very own fire on summer evenings. Living in a small apartment in the most densely populated county in Florida, I now understand how very special a roaring fire in the backyard truly is. I had no idea.

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... if I were sitting next to a fire in Michigan right now, I'd be wearing something like this ...

Bonfire Comfort

 vest  |  chambray top  |  jeans  |  shoes  |  hat 

Not only would I wear a comfortable layered outfit, I'd be eating plenty of s'mores too. No summertime fire is complete without eating at least one melted chocolate s'more for good measure. It might be a little cool outside, so a vest and warm hat or hood are a necessity. Stay warm out there!

happy friday

.... a song to end your week ....

Michicant by Bon Iver on Grooveshark

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  1. Those Toms are awesome! Love this comfy look!

  2. I love TOMS, but I am always chicken when it comes to getting a bold pair like those.

    But I love the look you pulled together. I am doing my first Friday Fancies on my new blog:
    I would love if you could check it out!

  3. And I have no doubt that if you were sitting next to a bonfire in Michigan, you'd be the most stylish one there! LOVE this cute outfit...and the story about enjoying the crisp nights in your hometown? I love that even more.

    Hope you are doing well, sweet friend! Happy Friday! xoxo

  4. Those TOMS are amazing! Happy Friday.


  5. when i read about your childhood bonfires in michigan, i got the most beautiful picture in my mind! you're right: it's so strange when you finally realize the different types of places that people live. i have to admit: i am really drawn to the densely populated city life [justin, of course, prefers the wide open space you've referred to in this post].

    i love the cozy look you've pulled together!

    happy weekend :)

  6. PS - i love how you include songs at the bottom of your posts. i put this one on my playlist for today. i love bon iver! <3

  7. I love the shoes in that outfit :) Yes, I too miss bonfires living in the city and smores! They really remind me of fall and bring on the spirit!

  8. oooh this is on my list to do!! i love a bonfire...and marshmallows...and hot chocolate..and oooh!!

  9. It's not a bonfire without s'mores :)

  10. The title of this post caught my eye because I love bonfires too! And although it hardly ever gets cold enough in Florida, when it did we had acres of land to host bonfire parties. Everyone would come, hot chocolate served, the music would be playing and all would be catching up. Sadly the city living doesn't quite allow for that so I'm with you on the missing those days! Hopefully the temps where you are will drop soon! I'll be back for Christmas and although I hope for some sunny days I hope it's chilly on Christmas day :)