Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Tiny Box of Thanksgiving

This time of year is my favorite time. It's not quite yet the hectic pace of the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's like the little calm before the holiday storm. My husband located our box of holiday decorations a couple days ago, and he pulled out the tiniest little box of Thanksgiving decorations from our large tub of Christmas items. It's so cute.

a box so tiny and cute

there's my cute little pumpkin

don't be a turkey

It's almost comical how small the box is compared to the size of our tub of Christmas decorations. It's far too easy skipping over Thanksgiving when it comes to all the attention surrounding Christmas, but I'm too stubborn to let that happen. The turkey tea light holders and pumpkins will go out, if even for just a couple weeks.

Having the tiniest of things to be thankful for is far better than not having anything at all. It's sort of like our tiny box of Thanksgiving decorations. Christmas wants to overshadow today, but there's a few little pumpkins and turkeys that just want to be noticed. Sometimes we just need to remember to give thanks for what we have today, and not focus too much on the future, or we run the risk of missing out on today. What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Our Thanksgiving decorations aren't very elaborate either but I love them. Since it's our first year living together, we're slowly building or decor collection. :) Love those turkey tea lights!