Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 8

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reading nothing at the moment... I've been slacking when it comes to reading. Does the Sunday paper count? I usually browse through that each week.
writing a small grocery list. I prefer tackling the grocery shopping on weekdays when it's less crowded, so I just have a small list for today.
listening to the sound of our washer and dryer. It's laundry day today.
thinking about how I haven't blogged that much this past week... and I don't really feel like writing anything for this week either.
smelling laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Fresh and clean smells... yum!
wishing that we could get out of Florida and see our families for the upcoming holidays.
hoping that my husband will get off of reserve at work once they hire some more people!
wearing shorts and a comfortable long sleeve v-neck top that says "Aspen, Colorado"... this shirt makes me think of the mountains.
loving that we already have quite a bit of Christmas shopping done. I cannot stand the holiday shopping crowd.... it's not for me, so I'm glad we have a nice start to our gift shopping already.
wanting to catch up on a few t.v. shows... maybe I'll try and squeeze a few bad reality shows in before my husband gets home. (:
needing some new skinny jeans because I just ripped my only pair of denim skinnies.... right in the butt! Ugh. They were worn out and thin, and one last good sit just did them in.
feeling excited for Christmas this year.... last year was tough for us, but this one will be better.
clicking I hope to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs.... I got behind since we were out of town for a couple of days this past week.

What are you doing today?
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  1. Laundry is what I'm about to get started on as well, lol. Hopefully you didn't rip your jeans in public? o_O

  2. Good call on going to the grocery store during the week. I usually do that, too. Today I went with my dad to pick up the majority of stuff we need for Thanksgiving and it was terrible. I am so jealous that you are nearly done Christmas shopping. This is my least organized holiday shopping year so far. I haven't even begun. I am starting to feel anxious... but I know it will get done!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I recently bought a new pair of Paige skinnies from Nordstrom Rack and I like them a lot. I also like Citizens of Humanity- I have a 3 year old pair and they still look like new!

  3. justin & i are going to the grocery store today as soon as he gets off work. we were going to go this past weekend, but every time we thought about it, we physically cringed at the thought of having to fight the massive amount of people that were sure to be in there. so i definitely feel you on not being a fan of the big christmas shopping hoardes - it's not for me either [& it actually makes me absolutely crazy].

    we finally caught up on our laundry last night - i think i'm going to institute 'washday wednesday' in our house. we definitely need a designated laundry day - otherwise we end up with a massive pile that takes longer than a week to finish.

    happy thanksgiving week! i hope you have a good one!

  4. this is fun! So sorry about your skinnies...a good pair is hard to find and skinnies shopping is not my idea of fun. Have a happy Thanksgiving- I hope that you guys have some of your own fun, it it so weird to be away from family - I understand!

  5. Aw, holidays is a hard time for me too! I wish I could go see my family! Thanks goodness for skype!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!