Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sunday Currently | 7

{ you can view my last currently blog post if you'd like to catch up a bit }

reading I'm on the hunt for a new book again... thinking of reading Life of Pi.
writing letters in the Sunday paper crossword puzzle boxes.
listening to iTunes and a few new songs... like this one and this one.
thinking about our powerlessness to control our lives.
smelling the chips and salsa we were just eating as a snack.
wishing that the Broncos games was on television here in Florida. Ugh.
hoping to make a visit to Michigan sometimes this winter.
wearing an old top from Anthropologie, jeans, and a cozy scarf.
loving the movie we watched last night. Crazy, Stupid, Love... have you seen it? It's good!
wanting to have zero debt. That will be the day.
needing to stick with a workout schedule. I need to start running regularly again.
feeling sort of sleepy. Maybe it was all the chips and salsa I ate... food coma!
clicking all around iTunes. I've been finding lots of good music.

What are you doing today?
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  1. Ohhhh so many comments.

    1. Read Life of Pi. You must make it to the end (it gets hard in the middle). I read it in college & hated it. Then, my best friend re-read it because she's teaching it in high school English and she is all like "OH MY GOD TINA, READ IT AGAIN NOW THAT YOU KNOW HOW IT ENDS" and all that business. So, the short story is... you have to read it. But I'm not promising you'll LOVE it. It's well written and very interesting, though.

    Ok. Also... we're 99% sure we'll be in Michigan this winter for Christmas. If you guys are around, we definitely need to meet up.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crazy Stupid Love. That movie has the best cast and is soooo good. I could watch it over and over again.

    And for the zero debt part. Gosh, we get so close every year and then it's like "juuusssttt kidding" and it's getting old fast. I hear you on that one.... ;)

    Ok, that's it! Have a good Sunday night!

  2. Ohhhh, I would love the zero debt part!! I wish! And I think you should make a trip to Louisiana!!

  3. Oh I'd love if I could get into a workout routine. I usually do for a week max and then stop it!

  4. I LOVE that movie as well! I need to get back on the work out train as well! AH! Hope you're well, dear :)