Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the Road Again

Since my husband started flying with his current company, he doesn't have many (if any) overnights for work any more. I love having my pilot home every night! When he does get a trip that requires an overnight, and I have the opportunity to go, I do my best to tag alone. Travel is my middle name after all. {not really} I do like staying in hotels though.

My husband's recent overnight trip took him to Punta Gorda, Florida. He flew for a couple days. I watched a lot of television and read too.

Honestly, I find spending time in hotels enjoyable. It makes me feel like a guest in very large house when I stay in hotels. It's fun having everything you need in such a small space. Staying in a small hotel room is always a nice reminder that we don't need much to get by.

One nice thing about going away for a couple days is not cooking... at least for a couple of days. We ate our fair share of fast food, which my guts punished me for later. Eating fast food is fun for about two minutes, and then my insides immediately want to inflict harm on me. Then I remember how thankful I am that I don't have to eat fast food every single day.

breakfast on the road

Somehow we managed to get a room with a view. A Holiday Inn Express room with a view, we'll take it! Our room overlooked a small pond, and I even managed to spot an alligator swimming by during our stay. Obviously this wasn't a Gulf of Mexico view, but it was nicer than a parking lot view typical of most hotels.

What trip would be complete without a little birdwatching? We took a little drive down to Ponce de Leon Park one morning, and I spotted some royal terns. They're one of my favorite birds.

Our trip to Punta Gorda was short but fun. It's always nice to get away from routine every now and then. Plus we drove through some parts of Florida that we'd never seen before our trip.

Do you have any favorite short, but sweet, road trips near where you live?
What are you thoughts on staying in hotels?


  1. I'm like you - I kind of like staying in hotels, too, but for a limited time. After a while, I start to miss my couch and my kitchen :)

  2. Yaaayy!! I'm so glad that he's home most nights and that you get to go with him when he's not! SO fun to see new places together!

  3. How lovely that you get to go with your hubby when he has long stays! Such a gift! Looks like you had a wonderful time! - I'm the same way about fast/junk food. Just yesterday we were at a wedding...and I sure stuffed my face - and then paid for it the rest of the evening. :-( Alas...