Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Husband aka The Grillmaster

Sometimes the most delicious and fulfilling meals are the simplest ones. The ones that don't require many ingredients but take more time just heating the coals than it does to cook the food. There's something so comforting about cooking food over hot flames. It almost makes you forget about the worries of life, if only for a little while.

nothing like a grilled bratwurst for dinner

My husband is king of the grill around here. I might be able to swing using a propane or electric grill, but the use of hot coals for cooking food is not atop my list of skills. I leave that one up to my husband. He's more comfortable using our charcoal chimney starter. It gets the coals hot quickly. The sooner we can devour our grilled food, the better.

my husband keeping an eye on the hot coals

We use a simple charcoal grill provided by our apartment complex, because we're not allowed to keep a grill on our screened-in balcony. If we had a propane grill on our balcony, we just might eat a lot more cheeseburgers. Maybe the rule against grills on balconies is a good thing after all, it keeps our bellies flatter. ;)

Do you like grilled food?
what's your favorite....

If you like spicy foods, give these caribbean kebabs a try!


  1. We LOVE grilled food. Bratwurst, hot dogs, fish (especially salmon!), burgers... whenever the weather is nice, he is barbecuing and I'm inside making side dishes ... Then we eat outside! My favorite part of summer... making dinner together :)

  2. Alex grills for us a few times a week. And it's true, a convenient propane grill in the back yard can be bad for the belly!

  3. Grilled food is one of my favorites, yum! :)

  4. Next time you guys grill you better invite me. I mean that. In writing too. ;P

    Those bratwurst look delicious. Mmm, Mmm.