Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can It Please Snow in Florida?

Since moving to Florida a year and a half ago, it's been quite a while since I've seen a really good snow. You know, the kind that blankets the ground in a fluffy white quilt that quiets the surrounding world. I really don't get out enough (and by out, I mean out of Florida). A trip to Michigan over the upcoming holidays is possible but unlikely, so a snow sighting is most likely out of the question too. If I saw actual snow falling from the sky here in Florida, I'd start getting prepared for the impending apocalypse that would most likely follow. We all know that Floridians can't drive in the snow.

... there may not be snow in Florida, but there's plenty of wind ...
fyi: my left hand is not a claw, I'm just holding onto a bunch of tiny seashells

{ outtakes from my Clearwater Beach photo shoot }

My husband bought me a pair of beautiful winter boots for Christmas a couple years ago. We lived in Colorado at the time, so those boots were a necessity back then. Sometimes I think about how fun it would be if I wore them to Clearwater Beach one afternoon. I've seen much stranger things at Wal-Mart, but I might get a few funny looks. The things you must do for entertainment.

... my dusty Sorel "Cate the Great" boots ...

As much as I'd love having snow for Christmas, it's probably best that Florida stays a warm and sunny locale. I mean, where would all the people who live 'up north' escape to when they haven't seen the sun in months? Yes, that's a real thing when you live in places like Michigan or Minnesota. If it snowed everywhere all the time we'd be in big trouble, and that's not okay. For now, my boots will remain dusty and a snowy Christmas will have to happen another year.

Do you live somewhere that has snow on Christmas?

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  1. I was living in Orlando one winter when they got a few flurries. You would have thought a foot of snow was on the ground. Everyone was in a panic. This midwestern girl was homesick though! :)

  2. The snow was a little overwhelming when I lived in Chicago but now that I've been away from it for FIVE years, I really miss it! The last time I even saw snow was March of 2011 when we went to Tahoe for a wedding...and almost died in a freak snowstorm that started on our drive up, lasted all night, and resulted in almost 10 feet of snow!!

  3. haha that's funny, because all I want is some warmth during Christmas time. It's always SO hot in Brazil in December! I miss spending Christmas day in a sundress and sandals!

  4. Ha-this is cute! I'm from Oklahoma, and in OK you never know what kind of weather you're going to get from day to day. One Christmas it could be 70 degrees and the next year there could be so much snow on the ground that family can't even get to your house. This has actually happened recently, and Okies can't drive in the snow either :) This year I'm up in WY and though there isn't any snow on the ground yet I'm looking forward to a cold and snowy Christmas season. I know what you're saying, Christmas just isn't the same without a little snow.

  5. Great outlook. And I agree with you. Florida, take it or leave it, has a place in this world. Let's get real... my grandparents drove their motor home from Midland, MI to Orlando, FL EVERY SINGLE YEAR until about 4 years ago. That's saying something about that Florida sun (and wind!).
    Love your Sorel's, btw. I must say I'm pretty stoked to crack mine out "up north" in a few weeks. If you don't make it up, I'll leave a footprint for you and send the picture you way. ;)

  6. Cool- I didn't realize you lived in Florida until further exploring your blog. Ya, I've lived here most of my life -I've only seen snow once (I was 8, lol, it didn't last long). Gorgeous photos!

  7. Are the boots for sale? What's going on here?