Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snapshots | Sunsets & Streetlights

Putting thoughts into words has been a struggle for me lately, so I figured why not just share a few photos from a recent trip to Punta Gorda instead. Writing down my thoughts doesn't always come easily, but it's especially hard when I'm not sure which thought to start with at the moment. Peaceful photos and nighttime images seem to do the trick when the mind won't quiet itself.

Sometimes when the sun sets, all the madness and chaos of a busy day fades into the darkness.

The moon comes out for the night and casts calming a glow over the water.

Streetlights and car lights make for gorgeous night lights. I improvised and used a concrete piling near the waterside as a tripod. Maybe I'll get a real tripod one of these days. Until then, I'll continue getting creative with what's available.

Playing around with long exposures is something I want to learn more about, because there's something sort of magical to me about capturing an extended amount of time in one frame. There's such a beautiful exaggeration to light when you keep the shutter open for a couple seconds longer than normal.

Sometimes if you look long enough, you'll find beauty all around you.


  1. WOW. These photos are PHENOMENAL! LOVE the last one!!

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  3. I love these night shots! It is sort of scary to keep the shutter open for a long time. Sometimes it just sounds a bit different, and different sounds wrong to me (but, hey, I'm super new to this so long shutters usually do mean wrong, haha!).

    Bridges are so beautifully captured on film, aren't they? I love the lines in that last shot!

  4. Your night shots are gorgeous! I can never get my shots to look like that. Keep working with it, youll get it! :)