Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Through the Years

Christmas spirit is in full effect around here. We spent yesterday touring decorations at some of the Disney resort hotels (pictures to come), there's a pile of unwrapped gifts accumulating under the tree, and we're enjoying an apartment that's been lovingly decorated for the holiday.

... our wedding cake topper bathed in candlelight ...

These silver branches may look familiar if you read my blog a couple of Christmases ago...
this year I poured some sand in the vase to give them a Florida touch. (:

These shiny stocking holders came from my favorite Christmas store in the whole wide world.
I smile every time I see them. The other stocking holder reads peace.

One thing I love most about Christmas is getting out the decorations and reminiscing over years past. Each ornament is like a tiny time capsule. Unwrapping each one brings with it a story, laughter, and sometimes even tears. Life really is about those small moments that stay with us forever. Sometimes all it takes is the littlest reminder to evoke the biggest and best memories. Decorating for Christmas each year is like surrounding ourselves with loving thoughts of all those we hold dear. It really is a special time each year.

What are your most fond memories of Christmases past and present?

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Have you signed up for the ornament swap yet?

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  1. Those stocking holders are beautiful. I'm in the market for a set for B and I for our new mantle. Might just have to get the same ones!

    I decorated our tree over the weekend, but nothing else. Really wish we were already in the new house so I could REALLY deck the halls :)

    Happy Wednesday, Ash!