Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You Might Be a Redneck If...

My husband decided that we might be rednecks, because we opened a wine bottle with a knife/screwdriver combo. It did the job alright. We had packed away our entire kitchen (minus a few necessities) and moved it to our new apartment, but we forgot to leave out the ever important wine corkscrew. Don't worry, because screwdrivers do the job in a pinch.

You might also be a redneck if you drink your wine from a red solo cup. It's not the first time we resorted to drinking wine from a plastic receptacle. Years ago while traveling through eastern Colorado we got stuck in a blizzard, and we were forced to stay in a hotel overnight due to a highway closure. We bought ourselves a bottle of wine and some plastic cups at the local store and weathered the storm in our hotel room. Plastic cups. They always do the trick in an emergency.

Moving over Christmas definitely left us with some interesting holiday memories. We enjoyed our wine from plastic cups while sitting on our temporary "couch" for the evening. Classy people we are. Nothing says redneck like screwdriver wine bottle openers, red solo cups, and air mattress couches.

We're glad to be getting settled into our new place. :)


  1. Ha! That's hilarious. You're still much classier than I am, though. I would've given up on the cork and bought some Franzia for the night. ;)

  2. We'd probably have settled on canned beer or a box of wine. Good for you.

    I am so glad you are settled in! No more red solo cups for wine I bet. When we moved into our first apartment, we ordered sushi and ate it on the floor. When we bought our house, we rented it back to the family through Black Friday and then it was ours at midnight. So at 11:45 (we figured they were gone) we headed over to our new house with a twin sized bed that would be in our guest room and a wine bottle and we spent our first night. But, funny thing is... the wine bottle was (luckily) a twist off cap. We would've been screwed with a cork! :)

  3. Love it!! Times like these are what make life so much fun! And I'll admit I've had wine from a red solo cup many-a-times :)

  4. I agree with Rachel ... Besides, we've all been there. I'm kind of digging the solo cup! :)

  5. Sounds familiar to when John and I first met and moved to Texas, though I think it really means Pilot Wife!