Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Magical Boardwalk

Maybe it's just the small town girl in me, but there's something energizing about carnival rides. I suppose it mostly reminds me of warm summer nights spent in a funnel cake stupor at the county fair. Those nights marked the end of each summer in my small northern Michigan hometown. The sounds, sights, and smells take me to a carefree world. They still do.

After our relaxing day spent hanging out on Daytona Beach, the guys were just about ready to leave. I had only one thing I wanted to do before leaving though. It involved lights and a ferris wheel. Thankfully we lingered until dusk, so I captured a few rushed shots of the colorful lights. The sight was glorious. I could almost hear the sounds of a lively fair midway playing in my mind. If only I would have eaten that funnel cake we spotted earlier in the night.

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The sights, sounds, and smells of the boardwalk captivated me. I could sit and watch the ferris wheel lights all night long. Call me easily amused, but I sometimes live on the border between real life and a world of enchantment. I have a hard time walking away from beauty. Whatever that beauty may be.


  1. You took some awesome pictures!

  2. Love these photos, Ashley! I wish I was at the boardwalk RIGHT NOW! Some warm air would really do me good...I am having HORRIBLE winter cabin fever. UGH! I haven't been to Daytona since I was a little girl. I really need to remedy that. ;)

  3. grease from the food and happy screams from the rides... that's what I think of with carnivals! I love your ferris wheel pics!

  4. Oh the boardwalk. I absolutely love photos of the boardwalk. Even single snapshot always looks so magical and reminds me of salty air and all of my favorite carnival type snacks :)

  5. Oooh I love a funnel cake! Just the mention of it makes my mouth water. I love carnivals too. There's something about the lights that just make me really giddy and feel like child again. :)