Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 12

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reading I am about to start reading The Poisonwood Bible... has anyone read that book?
writing not a whole lot. Moving really drained me mentally. I'm going to share some close-up bird pictures tomorrow, so I'll probably get to working on that post tonight.
listening after hearing about them on Gentri's blogI'm a bit obsessed with The Lower Light's music... here's one of their beautiful songs:

I'm also really into Macklemore & Ryan Lewis... go listen to their music!

warning: this song has some curse words... but it's a fun song

thinking that I'd love to have all our things unpacked and feel more settled... and maybe even make some friends. Friends are good.
smelling a very delicious Scentsy scent coming from the guest room... Luna smells great!
wishing that we could visit Colorado, Michigan... and see snow.
hoping to feel settled soon. Seriously, moving is never really easy.
wearing some comfortable white sweatpants and a tank top. Super fancy... I know.
loving that our new apartment has more room in the kitchen, and we uncovered some old coffee mugs that we had stored away for the past year and a half. Opening them up was like Christmas all over again. It's nice to have room for all our little collections again.
wanting to experience some new local restaurants in our neighborhood.
needing not much... a new pair of jeans maybe, because I keep ripping all my "good" pairs. Yikes! Also I could use some time to relax with my busy husband, he works so hard.
feeling Thankful for having our needs met... and also thankful for people who step in to help when you really need it.
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Happy Sunday!


  1. I read Poisonwood Bible about 5 years ago. Great book. I read it when I was on business travel to and from Alaska so I had a ton of airplane time to read. I actually gave it to the person next to me on the plane coming home when I finished it. It's a good read. I love all of Barbara Kingsolver's books. I'd actually say that is one of my least favorites of hers. I read one after the other there for awhile.

    And as for friends, I am your friend! That doesn't help you down in Florida, I know. ;)

    I can't wait to hear how you are settling in. What a great way to start the new year!

  2. i've always wanted to read the poisonwood bible! let me knwo what you think of it!

    i wish we lived closer to each other so we could go around town together - i need to make some friends here, too!

    can you believe i've never really seen REAL snow before? the closest i've come to real snow is probably the 1 to 2 inches my hometown in shreveport got one year. i can't wait to try out snow skiing sometime. it'll be cool just to see that much snow all in one place.

    i hope y'all are getting settled & making a cozy new home! :) have a great week!

  3. The Thrift Store song - lol. Hoping you get settled soon so you can take in the city!