Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 14

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reading still reading The Poisonwood Bible... I aim to finish that this week. I really do.
writing not much other than just a few blog posts.
listening to Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake... you guys, it's catchy! I'm listening to a few other new downloads on our iTunes. Some Mumford & Sons, The Lower Lights, and The Weepies. Nice little mix going on here.
thinking that I'm still sad (not necessarily mad) about the Broncos loss.
smelling the Festival of Trees wax burning in my Scentsy warmer... you can see the nice glow of lights it casts on the wall in the above picture too. Smells nice and looks pretty.
wishing that the Broncos were playing this weekend. Hmph!
hoping that I don't have to turn on the air conditioner today. It's getting warm outside...
wearing black skinny jeans, chambray top, and a scarf that I'm about to take off because it's getting a little too hot for it. I would almost move somewhere cold just so I could wear scarves every single day of my life. I love them that much. Seriously.
loving that I got to wear socks the past few days! Socks, people. That's a Florida miracle. :)
wanting a delicious home-cooked meal made just for me.
needing to not be turning 30 soon. Seriously?! I'm about to enter a new decade. Not too sure how I feel about that one.
feeling super happy for some reason.
clicking through some other Sunday Currently posts today... and who knows what else I'll stumble upon today.

Today when my husband was about to walk out the door for work, I noticed a thread clinging to his shirt pocket. Being the little perfectionist I am, I wanted to get rid of that stray thread. I gave it a little pull and noticed it wasn't coming from his pocket but his buttons near his neck. Obviously I had to rid of it, so I gave it a little tug. That darn thread just kept coming, and before I knew it I had pulled out a whole lot of thread and a button. Whoops. Not only did I get rid of that pesky thread, I also have to sew another button on his pilot shirts.

If your pilot is missing a shirt button today, he might be my husband.

Hope you're having a great Sunday!


  1. I had to laugh at the part about pulling the thread on your husband's shirt! I'm always scared that I'll end up pulling my shirts apart because I also hate loose threads and just yank them off. Oops! :)

    1. I've always been a thread puller for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a young girl, I couldn't stand finding loose threads on my clothes... it's something I can't stop! ;)

  2. Thanks to you JT is blaring ;) PS. I saw you were moving to Orlando from Tampa?? Firstly, I had no idea you lived in Tampa (my former back yard) and not sure if I've mentioned it before or not but I have an uncle who is a pilot out of Orlando International! ...small world...

    1. I should have been asking you for restaurant ideas, etc! I didn't realize you were from the Tampa area either. :)

  3. Hehe. Those threads. You are a good wife. :)

    Let me tell you something about Suit and Tie, my friend. I think it's downright awful. My husband thinks the Jay-Z part is so hilarious but I just think it's awful. Awful.

    My sister ran a 5k this weekend (Universal Studios I think) and she ran in long pants. She must be turning into a Floridian because she said it was all sorts of cold while she ran. I'd probably be right along with you and the scarf would come off!

    How's Poisonwood Bible treating you?

    1. Some people read 50 Shades of Grey... I just listen to JT's Suit and Tie. At least give me that. ;)

      I haven't dedicated much time to reading lately, but I'm hoping to sit down and read these next couple of days. I'll get through it eventually.

  4. I'm a thread-puller too! and it always ends badly... but I never learn :(

  5. I'm mixed on the new Justin T song. Socks - I know, right?! One day it's hot the next day it's cold. Btw, true Florida winter style is socks w/ flip flops ... Which is why Orlando is was voted one of the worst dressed cities, lol.

  6. seriously, what is worse than a loose clothing thread? i always pull them, too. there's no way i couldn't.

    i've got to check the new justin timberlake stuff out - justin is a HUGE fan of his. just the other day, he was wondering aloud if he would ever have a music career again - i guess we got the answer!

    scarves are my favorite accessory, hands down. every time i go shopping, i come home with a scarf. it's a problem. like, an entire-drawer-full problem.

    i'm about to email you my pottermore name :)

    have a happy week!