Monday, January 14, 2013

For My Mom

Today is my mother's birthday, and I'm grateful for every year I have her here. Her mother, my grandmother who I never met, passed away from cancer when my mom and aunt were only teenagers. Two young girls without a mother lost their father a short 20 days later. Even though that isn't something we talk about often, my mother's loss sticks with me until this day. I'm very grateful that my mother is here to celebrate another birthday today. Happy Birthday, Mom!

As a teenager, you often know more than your parents. You have no idea how precious your parents are until you think of losing them. That can be said for most people in your life, so don't forget to tell people you love them. It makes my heart hurt to think my mother was never able to see her parents celebrate birthdays when she was in her 20s and 30s like me. It's just so hard to imagine.

My mother has taught me many valuable things through the years. She raised me to be intelligent and to never dumb myself down for anyone, especially boys. I always saw her with a book in her hands, and she can play a mean game of Scrabble too. Those brains run in the family. My mom never let me get sucked into the vanity of being a teen girl. There was never encouragement to dye my hair, wear a face full of makeup, or dress in revealing clothing. She taught me to love myself the way I was made. I'm forever grateful for having a mother who never made me feel inadequate.

Now that we live far apart, we don't see each other as much as I wish we could. She still welcomes me with a favorite meal on the table when I visit to this day. It's not always the things she says but often the things she does that stick with me the most.

I'm thankful to still have my mother here, because I know that isn't always the story for everyone. Unfortunately I don't get to be with her today in Michigan, but she is close in heart. Hey Mom, Florida is calling you to get away from the snowy north. Happy Birthday! We love you.

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  1. today is my mom's birthday too! what a lovely post for her :)

  2. Your mom sounds like a pretty amazing lady. Happy birthday to her!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! She sounds like one awesome lady :)

  4. Super sweet. Our moms sound alike. My mom's always been the one to keep me grounded. It's just in these young adult years that I understand how special that is- to have such a real mom. Happy birthday, Ashley's mom!

    (our mom's should totally become friends. I mean, they have a lot in common. If your mom is ever in Bellaire, tell her to stop by Mr. B's (right next to Shorts). My mom works there!)

  5. This is very sweet and rings so true. I lost my mom when I was 18. She never got to see my daughters or grandson which is something I try not to dwell on but is always kind of there in my thoughts (biggest regret). You are wise to appreciate her and your relationship. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom!