Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Living Room Mood Boards

One fun thing about moving is having a new space to decorate, and that usually inspires me to change things up a bit. New year, new apartment, new decor... why not? We all know that moving itself isn't very much fun, so you might as well look at the bright side. Use your new space as a clean slate. Or just switch things up in your current space.

Lately I've had my eye on just about everything from West Elm. Their products have such gorgeous textures and patterns. The window coverings are exactly what I've been looking for, and the furniture is just the right amount of modern. Not to mention, quite a few of their pieces have a nice little rustic touch that fits into both mine and my husband's tastes, and that's a feat in itself. Without further ado, here is my living room mood board.

west elm favorites

tali printed window panel | bliss down-filled sofa | oasis flatweave rug | rustic storage coffee table 

west elm home decor

mirror gallery frames  |  bubbles ceramic side table  |  casablanca pillow cover

Obviously we can't afford all these things from West Elm, but I did learn a few things from putting together this mood board. I am obviously on a gray (or greige) kick, and I really love pieces that have some natural wood colors. Luckily my husband liked many of the items I chose, so agreeing on home decor and style isn't too big a chore.

The fun thing about making a mood board is it gets ideas flowing, and it helps you realize trends in your taste. You start noticing repeat colors (or lack of color in our case) and styles. If I keep these images in mind while shopping, I just might come across a similar, and more affordable, piece somewhere else. As much as I love West Elm, I definitely don't have the money to furnish our entire place with their stuff. A girl can dream though. If that coffee table didn't have a $699 price tag, it would be mine. *sigh*

Do you like making mood boards for inspiration?


  1. Pretty choices! You could probably thrift some of the wood pieces and save a few dollars. If you consider Pinterest (one giant) mood board, then yes... I could spend all day making them. :)

  2. I love this mood board! My husband and I just moved as well, and West Elm is definitely one of our go-tos for beautiful pieces. I wish I could buy everything from their store!

  3. I love the grays, such a soothing color!

  4. Love it. Love gray. Our bedroom and master bathroom are gray based designs. Love it. I really like that coffee table. Have fun hunting for good deals!

  5. Love West Elm and your mood board! I reeeeally love that side table too.

    I've been into gray lately as well. We just painted one of the bedrooms gray. It turned out really nice, but it took a long time and a lot of sampling to find the perfect gray paint.

  6. Lovely choices! We do love greige here as well!

    It's always so much nicer when you both agree on something. Things took a lot longer, because my husband and I couldn't decide on one thing.