Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Losing Makes Me Mad

This blog post title could also be called "Our Football Team Lost a Playoff Game and My Husband and I Were Mad For at Least an Entire Day", but that wouldn't fit in one nice neat line. So losing makes me mad it is. I guess I'm a sore loser. Don't even get me started on how Michigan's season ended. Fudge.

first year as Denver Broncos season ticket holders

We take our football pretty seriously around here. I did attend the University of Michigan after all. Having football season tickets will make you a fan pretty quickly, plus it doesn't hurt being a fan of the best college football team in the universe either. (Take that Ohio).

my dad and I at a Michigan game

After moving to Colorado and meeting my husband, becoming a Broncos fan was a clear choice. I didn't care much about the NFL while in college, but it plays a big role in my life now. We go to great lengths for football around here. My husband and I attended Broncos' training camp practices in the scorching sun. I even touched *Brandon Marshall's sweaty workout shirt you guys. All in the name of football.

* Forget that he no longer plays for the Broncos. Also ignore my pink Cutler jersey. We don't speak that name in this household.
me and "B. Marsh" at Broncos training camp

Finally after about 8 years on the wait list, my husband became eligible for Broncos season tickets. For a whole glorious year we enjoyed attending every single Broncos home game. Let's not forget the fun of tailgating for each game. We very regretfully gave up our season tickets when we moved to Florida in 2011. I'm not still entirely bitter about the fact that we didn't keep them and try selling them on stubhub or something. Nope. Watching from the couch is more fun than being at the actual game anyways... said no football fan ever!

wearing the big orange cowboy hat

If you're one of those bandwagon fans who only followed the Broncos when Tim Tebow played QB for a minute, then you can just stop right here. Let me just say, my husband and I were over the moon when the Broncos picked up Peyton Manning. Seriously. We like to see our team win. (refer to the title of this post). You want to talk about someone who's heaven sent... it's Manning. Things started out a bit shaky, but Manning quickly proved he was back and knew how to run an offense. Playoffs here we come! Winning is so much fun muahaha.

orange cowboy hat and Coors Light for the big game

My husband and I were incredibly excited to see the Broncos in the playoffs and winning games. Not to mention, their record won them the right to play at home in Mile High Stadium for playoff games! We prepared for game day and wore our "lucky" shirts that seemed to help the Broncos win games all year. We became superstitious after the Broncos lost every time we wore a different shirt, so we busted out those lucky shirts and some Coors Lights. Nothing like a Coors Light (or two) and some Broncos football to make us feel like we were back in Colorado.

Without going into game details telling you how much I think the refs crazy penalty calling doomed Peyton's fast-paced offense you just need to know that the Broncos lost that playoff game this past weekend. I didn't speak to anyone the rest of the night. (unless you count a few angry texts with my dad... he really felt badly for us). Losing stinks! I'm not even sure I can pull myself together enough to watch the rest of football or the Super Bowl. Okay, maybe I'll tune in to watch Beyonce at half time. I'm still ticked we won't be watching the Broncos though.


  1. 8 years on the wait list??? Did I read that correctly? Wow. Haha! You two are serious fans, indeed! :)

  2. Being at the game, I can tell you people cried. It was nuts. The play calling was RIDICULOUS and The Ravens came to play. And even though I want to blame everyone else, the Broncos defense did not come to play :( The whole stadium left in silence. Walking down the ramps, I never heard Mile High so eerily quiet. Soo sad :(

  3. Umm... Touchy subject, lol. Well, at least you look great, right? :D Love the pic with the big orange hat!

  4. Something was very wrong in the world of football this season... Between Payton Menning losing, the cowboys not making to the playoffs like usual, the colts making it one year after being the worst team in the league, the seahawks losing and the packers not being able to stop a rookie quarterback that only has two plays, I was very very mad.

    I feel ya! We didn't go to the game, because we thought it would be too dangerous (it was here in SF) and we heard awful stories. But yeah... we were really upset! Well... there's always next year, I suppose.

  5. You are too funny! I love reading your posts!

  6. You guys sounds like those awesome supertitious Bud Light commercials like sticking the "labels out - causing a magnetic force field" hahaha!!

    Love your big orange hat!!
    I was so nervous that if for some crazy chance we beat the Patriots we were going to have to face Payton and the rest of the broncos... But sadly, we didn't make it past second round either. Boooooo!!

  7. Girl, this post made me fall in love with your blog.... liiiike A LOT! Huge football fans in our house and we were just as bummed when the Bengals lost in the first round of the playoffs...AGAIN. I almost shed a tear, if we're being totally honest here.

  8. I was thinking of you while watching that game on Saturday. I cannot believe the Broncos lost but that was a hell of a game, though!

    I just wish my team would actually get to the playoffs one day...

  9. I'm so sorry they lost! It was so close! =(

  10. I'm sorry... it was a really good game. My team lost before your team so hey- think on the bright side. At least your QB didn't just go through major knee surgery.
    Manning was a great addition to your team. And, well, Saturday night's game was good. We thought you had it there at the end.

    Humph. Time for baseball and hockey.....

  11. I am this way about Auburn football (I didn't talk every Saturday last fall...major season fail.)

  12. Yeah the refs sucked it up big. Turns out that ref hadn't reffed in 5 years! He was apparently the only guy they found who had not reffed a Baltimore nor a Denver game. LAME! Plus Fox needed to give Champ a freaking safety to help him out and then not run the dumb ball when you need to get a very important first down. For all that is holy, isn't that why we have Peyton Manning?!?! GRRRR..

    Haha needless to say I was a sore loser Broncos fan as well. So jealous that you have been to a game and touched a sweaty Brandon Marshall!

    Uhhh and that is THE Ohio State University to you missy!!! :-)