Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small Town Nebraska

Just last week I went to Nebraska with my husband. He had to work there for a few days, so I tagged along and, of course, took some pictures too.

Visiting a small town, and seeing that some things never seem to change, can be incredibly comforting. Every once in a while it's really refreshing to escape busy city life and see a little bit of the country. With the hectic nature of our life right now, it was a very welcome environment for us. Things seemed a little slower, and small town pace made us breathe a little easier. Here are some pictures from our time in Nebraska.

Nebraska is one of those states that many people dismiss, but we have visited some really great places there. This visit to Nebraska included a stop at Chimney Rock, and a little historical side trip is always welcome by us! The land is so vast, the pace relaxing, and the sky endless. Nebraska always reminds me to slow down a little, and slow is something I could use more of in life.

Have you seen any of these places before?


  1. Really great pictures Ashley! They'd look great in a shabby-chic type frame. I'm glad your getting to spend time with the hubby.

    I've been to Nebraska a couple times, but unfortunatley it was for work so I didn't get to enjoy fully.

  2. I've never been to Nebraska but maybe one day I'll visit.

    Great pictures Ashley! Very nice :)

  3. I have to admit my North American travels have been limited to just west and east coast... I haven't seen anything in between! I like visiting little rustic towns, too, though, so maybe I'll have to add Nebraska to my list of places to see someday! :)

  4. LOVE these pictures :) Nebraska is a fly over state. People rarely ever go there unless they travel by car. I've been there a few times. Beautiful flat land!

  5. I've never ever been to Nebraska!! Great pics girl. :)

  6. Love these photos - what is it about that rugged landscape that I do find so alluring? Great post, Ashley!