Friday, March 11, 2011

Calm After the Storm

Whew. Yesterday I may have had a little melt down, but thanks everyone for the nice comments and words of encouragement.  They are sincerely appreciated, and again thank you all. We really do have the power to lift others up when they are feeling down, and it's nice to receive that kindness from others. We must remember to give it back too.

Honestly, after posting to my blog yesterday... I started to feel better, like I had let a lot of the stress go and accepted where I was at the moment. After taking some deep breaths and realizing that things were not as bad as I thought, everything became a lot more calm and focused. Thank God for that.

After staying up a little too late, sleeping in a little too long, and enjoying my morning coffee... I am feeling more ready to tackle today with gusto. No worries.

Today I am going to work on staying more calm and taking one step at a time when things get a little crazy.

Do you have a morning ritual that helps
you get ready to tackle each day?


  1. I have a long commute to work, so I like to have my coffee and make my "To Do" list for home and work while listening to my ipod. It helps me stay focused, and teh coffee and music wake me up while keeping me calm!

    Glad you're feeling better! Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad you're feeling much better! :)

  3. Glad you have a new perspective!

    I have no morning ritual.... except packing my husbands lunch and making him breakfast. which doesn't really count!

  4. I love writing on my blog as something fun to do, and it always helps to calm me down if I'm stressed. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  5. homemade chai tea. a little time with my kitten and saved by the bell - i'm 27 and STILL watching that show! haha... love the post girl. and i know EXACTLY how you feel!

  6. I do know. My Hubby is a pilot and we have little CC debt-but my GAWD is student loans are insane!! He just made captain and we hope to blast the debt away this year. Everyone thinks just because you are a pilot you have to be making the big bucks-so frustrating.

  7. Sorry-the 1st comment was for your last post. My favorite time to regroup is after work on my way to the gym. Big bottle of water and a quiet car. I always feel better.