Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Remembering Our Honeymoon

With our one year anniversary in our rear view mirror already, my husband and I are a little shocked that it's over so quickly. We don't get another 1st Anniversary, and it reminds us to make each second with loved ones count... because we don't get a redo. Crazy how time flies!

We stayed in Bonita Springs, Florida for our honeymoon last year. People wondered why we stayed there, and we chose it because it was located between the Ft. Myers/Sanibel area and Naples. We wanted to visit places and do things in both areas. It was convenient for the things that we did, and we were happy with our hotel (minus an accidental double charge to our debit card) and how close it was to everything that we needed.

The sandpipers at Barefoot Beach were so cute, and they appeared to effortlessly glide across the water. I could have watched them all day long! Has anyone else seen sandpipers on the beach?

* boat ride in Naples *

We took a boat ride out of Naples on a very sunny but windy and chilly day. The boat captain and other workers pointed out wild life and told us all about some of the owners of the mansions we rode by on Naples Bay. The wind was blowing too hard, and they were not able to take us out onto the Gulf during this trip. While cruising back to the dock, the captain spotted dolphins and they followed the boat wake almost all the way back in to the dock. The workers told us all that this was the most dolphins they have seen follow the boat at once. There were about 7 or 8 dolphins, and they played on each side of the boat for about 10 minutes. Seeing the dolphins jump and play in the wild made my day!

* Caution: the wind in this next video is loud... watch your volume level.

* Pardon my schoolgirl-like giggling. I was seriously excited to see these adorable dolphins leaping and playing. Have you ever seen dolphins in the wild before? 

Hopefully you're not tired of dolphins by now. I am sure that I'll never get sick of seeing them... ever! If these videos don't make you want to be a dolphin... then I don't know what will. This might sound really silly, but seeing these dolphins so carefree in the wild really served as a reminder to enjoy every second of life!

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Hope you're smiling as the sun sets...


  1. aww what a fabulous post girl :) love the pictures and wow i love sunsets xoxo! happy tuesday hun!

  2. Ooh, I love dolphins! You are lucky to have gotten to see some.

    Sorry I didn't do a music post yesterday... I promise I will next week! I'm glad you like them, though. I always like finding new music and sharing it on my blog.