Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to try and get my voice out there and maybe share what it's like being married to a pilot. When I would feel lonely and confused about the unstable nature of my husband's career and our future, it was nice to get online and read about how other pilot wives deal with this unique life. I am thankful for everything that we have... and I would never ever want my husband to do anything other than what he loves to do. He also supports me in what I hope to do, and we share this crazy and ever-changing life! We're in it together, and that's something that I love about this 'adventurous' life we share.

this picture was from my drive across Nebraska
... I moved by myself from Michigan to Colorado.

Recently we've been putting a lot of thought into what/where we might move to next. I have really been gaining this strength within that keeps telling me that you lose so much more from not trying something than from trying something and 'failing'. What is a failure anyway? To me a failure is a learning experience and a chance to grow. So even when you fail... you win. What do we have to lose by possibly moving somewhere new?! Nothing that I can think of. We could always visit our families if we moved away. (I've been living in a different state than my parents live in for almost 5 years now. We're all surviving... and thriving). I seriously feel that our biggest loss would be not trying anything at all. If I had been too scared and never moved to Colorado, then I never would have met my husband (well maybe we would have been pulled together eventually) and who knows where I would be now. We have so much to gain by putting ourselves out there and trying for what our heart desires! I really think that we should just follow our heart... wonder where it will lead us to next?

The water?

 The desert?

The mountains?

... or the city?

On top of our thoughts of moving, in the back of my mind are the questions (I do my best to quiet them) that pop up when I think about my husband possibly getting hired at another airline in the near future. Will that require another move? Will he commute from wherever we live to wherever he needs to be? Will we want to move closer to wherever he is based so that we can spend more time together? Yikes!

Until now... I think I'll just try and focus on where we are moving when our lease here is up. What to do? Where to move?


  1. Totally go for it! You're newlyweds, with no kids and you rent. You're also at a career crossroads. This is absolutely the perfect time to pack-up and move.

    One week after our wedding I packed up my car and drove all the way to Ft.Lauderdale for DH's first job out of flight school....which lasted a whole 6 months before he got hired somewhere else. I lived in a crash pad with six other pilots for over a year, and did a bunch of crazy other stuff. I'm so glad I got to have those experiences.

    But I digress.......

    I'll shoot you an private message on PWC later.

  2. I agree with Runblondie26, go for it. Live it to the fullest now before you have children and then stability is more important. My husband of 13yrs and I have picked up a week after our honeymoon and moved across the country, and 4 more times since. We also moved from AZ to TX with a three month old and did the drive in one shot while I nursed in the back seat we had two huge dogs and a cat. Now I look back and think "Was I insane" but if presented with the opportunities and choices again I would do it again. The life you create is yours and his so live it the way you want to. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the comments so far! I can always use some good input. (:

  4. Agreed with the other girls- now is the time to do all of the new planning/moving to meet new people/enjoy a new adventure :) whatever happens- it all works out for the best!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts Ashley!! And I loved this line... "you lose so much more from not trying something than from trying something and 'failing'." SO. TRUE. Well said. :)

  6. i vote Atlanta! So we can be real like blog friends.. warm weather, nice people and good food :)

  7. My favorite line "you lose so much more from not trying ". :) Where would we be if we didn't TRY? You are so right to follow your heart. Just remember to take one day at a time!