Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner of Champions

If this is not a perfect meal, then I don't know what is.



Sometimes the most simple dinner is the most enjoyable. Needless to day, my husband was working the night that I enjoyed this as my dinner. He's not as big a fan of instant noodles as I am, but he sure does love the cookies.

These chocolate chip cookies are made using the best recipe I have yet to find. If I had it with me, I would share it. However, I am away from my cookbook. I am really not good at memorizing recipes, so don't even ask me to recall it right now. I would totally forget or mix up one of the most important ingredients, and you would probably end up with cinnamon raisin cookies or something. Seriously. * Maybe I can share this recipe in another post at a later time.

Do you have a go to dinner when you just want something simple and stress free?


  1. That's a winning dinner if I ever saw one. The cookies look full of awesomeness.

  2. Heaven! My other go to comfort meal is grilled cheese :)

  3. Dinner of champions is SO right!! I had ramen noodles for lunch earlier this week. Such great sustenance ;)

    Hope you have a great day today sweet friend!

  4. It's called "call the pizza guy".

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Oh yeah chocolate chip cookies! Any day, any time! lol

    I agree with Sarah's comment above "call the pizza guy" LOL! There have been many nights when I've had a bowl of Cheerios and called it a night as well! :)

  6. Our simple go to dinner is chicken casserole (which is just chicken, sour cream, cream of chicken and some ritz crackers baked in the oven and the spooned over egg noodles).

    Of course, the most stress free you can get is going out and letting someone ELSE serve you and do the dishes :)

  7. oh r u kidding me? i love me some cup of noodles. i used to eat them ALL THE TIME back in CA. i miss them

  8. My simple go-to meal has always been Top Ramen. Chicken flavor. Drain the broth and it becomes sticky noodles. Done and done. All of the sodium is my guilty pleasure in life:-) xoxo

  9. i eat the same way quite often. my man is out of town for 4 whole months. that means i dont eat anything but c-r-a-p. i wish i was different. sometimes :)

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  10. Looks like a great dinner to me! Those chocolate chip cookies looks so good!

    I like making grilled cheese when I'm too busy to make anything big. Hope you're having a good weekend! Mentioned you in my blog today. :)

  11. Those cookies look DIVINE. If you find the recipe, POST IT PLEASE!! :)

    And if I am stressed, I make myself a bagel with peanut butter and a sliced banana on top. Don't ask me why, but it's the best.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!


  12. YUM. I'm now craving chocolate chip cookies! I also love cup of noodles...perfect for a college student! And everyone else (:

  13. Very true the most simple dinners are the best. I could honestly live on Ramen noodles! LOL and I hear so many people say that too!

  14. i love cup of noodles! so freakin delicious! your blog is so cute. if you have a minute you should check mine out and follow if you feel the same.
    your newest follower