Thursday, February 24, 2011

Worth the Wait

I made sort of a 'big' purchase online yesterday:

photo via

I have been saving all of my money from Christmas and my birthday for this!

Price wise, this camera was a great deal since it's used. B and H photo has a really great selection of used cameras, accessories, and equipment. I am not much of a gambler (I've been known to visit Vegas and not even glance at a slot machine), and buying a used camera was a little outside of my comfort zone since I was not sure what I would get. After thinking about it though, I realized that it was worse to not buy a camera at all than to buy one that's used. In the mean time, I will have my own camera and be able to shoot more often and save up to eventually buy an upgrade. Since I cannot afford a nice new dSLR camera yet, this used one will do just fine!  (:

I know that Canon has newer versions of this camera available now, but when I started adding up the cost of the accessories and lenses I'll need it was more feasible to get an older camera and get some nice lenses that can always transfer to a newer camera down the road.

Next week, I'm going to be loving on my new/used camera and taking more pictures like this:

* Detroit Metropolitan Airport *

... and this

* northern Michigan *

... and this

* University of Denver *

So Stay tuned for a 'new' camera next week
and hopefully lots of pictures.


  1. Enjoy the new camera, I'm 100% a canon fan, you're going to love it :) Happy I stopped by your blog, its lovely! x

  2. ahhh omg i am SO jealous. i got a new camera for christmas and although it's just a 'digital' camera i have been craving to get a cannon just like the one you purchased! $$ to save hopefully! xoxo

  3. i love a canon. I call those big cams a "mommy camera" and somehow i misplaced my fuji one soooo next one it will be a big upgrade to a canon =)

    and oh my word did you take those photos?? you should go pro those are some stunning shots =)

  4. Wow, enjoy the new camera! Those are mazing pictures, I can't wait to see what you're going to do next!

  5. beautiful photos! i want to go to denver even more now! loving the blog i'm following! check out mine :)

  6. Enjoy the new camera! Like it a lot!

    Kisses from