Thursday, February 17, 2011

Play Dress Up

A while ago I signed up for a website called Polyvore, and I had not logged in for a very long time... until tonight. Maybe that was not the best idea, because this could be a big time eater upper. Basically, you use Polyvore to create collages of items that fall into the following categories: fashion, interior design, or art. It's a little less messy than creating collages with paper, scissors, and glue... and it's still pretty darn fun.

I decided that tonight (not ideally) would be the perfect time to put together a Polyvore set of items that revolved around a new dress that I just bought online. Typically I do not wear dresses, but lately I have been feeling in the mood for dresses! In a previous post, I mentioned how I have recently purchased not just one... but three dresses. (almost all were on sale... score!) This set includes some of my ideas for dressing up one of the dresses that I bought.

The image does not do the dress justice, but let's work with it. Obviously I do not need to buy everything here... they are just ideas for fun. I already own the brown boots pictured, and hopefully I can find some affordable items to finish off this look.

This Polyvore could be addictive. I might not be able to stop....

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Nautical Stripes

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Do you use Polyvore to create outfit ideas?

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  1. I know I know, Polyvore is so much fun! Have you checked Pintrest? It's a little different than Polyvore but such a great way to collect all the images and things that you love and find around the net! Such time sponges!
    xox tash