Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Top 10 Denver

Over Valentine's Day my husband and I spent some time downtown, and it inspired me to create a list of my favorite places and things to do in Denver. I wanted to share it with you all. Keep in mind these are just some of my favorite places and things to do, and your choices may vary... but I really think these are some things you should not miss while in Denver! (listed in no particular order)

1. Peaks Lounge
Hyatt Regency @ Convention Center
27th floor

info here and here

The views of Denver and the mountains are to die for. You can have a drink here for a reasonable price. Beer starts at about $5/drink and a glass of wine might start at about $7/glass. Not too shabby of a fee for the view and relaxing environment at the Peaks Lounge! Get here before sunset if you can and watch the sun set over the Rockies. This lounge is the ultimate in relaxation while enjoying the views of Denver and the mountains.

2. Museum of Contemporary Art
visit the website here

this was a past exhibit by David Altmejd

Denver is also home to the Denver Art Museum (DAM), but I prefer the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) for regular visits. The MOCA is typically much less crowded than the DAM, and there is a really great cafe on the rooftop that serves up some good coffee and delicious foods too. I love spending time enjoying the exhibits, soaking up sun on the rooftop, and appreciating the architecture of the museum. Hope you will love it too!

3. Concert at Red Rocks
see a list of concerts (updated frequently)

Red Rocks is one of my favorite concert venues. The amphitheater is like no other place when it comes to attending a concert. From your seat, you have a view of downtown Denver and it is incredible to see all of the twinkling lights when the sun goes down. You can also watch the sun rise from Red Rocks while attending the Easter Sunrise Service. If you get the chance to attend a concert at Red Rocks, consider giving this magical place a try.

4. Vesta Dipping Grill
Vesta's website

This is hands down my favorite restaurant in all of Denver. Have I visited every restaurant in Denver? No, but this would probably still be my favorite even if I had eaten at them all. Seriously. The food is incredible, the service is superb, and the atmosphere is dreamy. I am not going to lie, the prices are a bit expensive, but the experience is worth every penny. Vesta is a treat, and if you have a special occasion this is the place to enjoy it. If you are going to eat at one restaurant in Denver... please eat here.

5. Rockies Game @ Coors Field
visit the website

Even though I don't really follow baseball, I still love to attend at least one Rockies' game at Coors Field each year. The stadium is beautiful, and again you have that view of the mountains from inside of the stadium. If you're seated in the right spot, you can have a view of the skyline downtown and the mountains. How is that for a Denver experience?

6. Denver Zoo
visit the website

I love the Denver zoo! You can visit for a really affordable price at $10-13 depending on the month. The animal habitats are fairly realistic, and the Denver zoo is currently undergoing a really large expansion called 'Asian Tropics'. The elephants will have a much different habitat once it is complete. Visiting the Denver zoo is a really great way to spend a warm and sunny day in Denver.

7. 16th Street Mall
info about 16th Street

Even though the 16th Street mall is a little bit touristy (although they have made many changes to it recently), I still love spending some time there! The mall is for pedestrians only, with the exception of the free shuttle buses which run the length of the mall. If you don't feel like walking, you can hop on a shuttle and ride the whole length of the 16th Street mall. There are lots of options for shopping and eating all along the mall. Not only is the mall great, but LoDo (that's short for Lower Downtown) is just a short walk off of the mall too. Go exploring around 16th Street mall and you're pretty much guaranteed to find something that you will enjoy.

8. Falling Rock Taphouse
"No Crap On Tap"

visit their website

If you venture a few blocks off of the 16th Street mall onto Blake Street, you will find the Falling Rock Taphouse. This is the ultimate Denver bar for beer lovers. If you want a Coors Light, then you will probably want to go somewhere else. The Taphouse has a constantly changing line up of beers, and you can always find something that you will like there. If you're not sure if you want a pint of something, just ask them for a little taste of a beer and they are usually glad to offer it. This is seriously one of the few places where I like to drink beer, because they almost always have something that I have yet to try.

9. Denver Parks
park information

Confluence Park

There are many parks, fountains, and trails scattered around Denver. My favorite parks right downtown are Skyline, Commons, and Confluence parks. Spend a little time walking around Denver, and chances are you will probably come across one of the above mentioned parks. They are great places to socialize, soak up sun, and maybe even play a little frisbee. Denver has a lot to offer when it comes to parks and recreation, so take advantage of all the opportunities.

10. Denver Broncos Game
visit the website

My list would not be complete without mentioning Denver Broncos' football. I love football, so naturally watching the Broncos play at Invesco Field had to be on the list. Even though last season was tough for fans, I still love to watch them play! Many seats at the stadium offer mountain views, but most important are the views of the field. I was not fortunate enough to have experienced old Mile High Stadium, but I still enjoy watching the Broncos play. Go Broncos!

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That is my list of Top 10 Denver list. I hope you get a chance to visit Denver.

If you live here or visit frequently, what are some of your favorite things to see and do in Denver??


  1. awwwe you reminded me of what a great city we live in :)

  2. More enticement to come visit CO, huh?! We'll probably do a family trip there next winter. The hubby enjoyed Breckenridge withhis friends this year, but wants to try Vail next year and get Emily on skis.

    We both agree CO would be a great place for us to settle. The only thing standing in the way is all our family on the east coast. It would be an even further trek to visit them. Maybe onde day when we can afford vacation homes that'll be one of them :) hehe

  3. Yes come visit! You will love it.

    We're not even sure if we'll stay here long term, because my husband isn't sure where he will get hired and where it might take us... so who knows.

    I am down for having a vacation home in the mountains though if we don't live around here! (:

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am glad to have found yours too!! I love this particular post as I should be moving to Denver in a few weeks. I found a job that is relocating me there. My husband too also happens to be a pilot. We are just finishing up Army flight school where he will be a helicopter pilot!