Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unexpected Delivery

Yesterday morning I was sitting at the computer blogging/tweeting/reading, and there was a knock on the door. Nate was at work, so I knew it wasn't him. Then I heard a voice call out "UPS!". My first thought was "what the...?" and then I remembered that I just had a birthday, so maybe the package was for me... or not? I also laughed at myself for thinking that it could be the dress that I had just ordered online. Silly Ashley... dresses don't deliver that fast! (I cannot wait to get the dress though). After the internal conversation, I realized that the package was indeed for me. It had my name on it, so I signed for the delivery and wondered who it was from.

Inside of the box, I found this sweet note. Let me tell you; it made my day! Jen, if you're reading this... thank you again. What a nice surprise to get an unexpected gift delivered to your door. :)

It was even wrapped so beautifully. I am a sucker for nicely wrapped gifts. I hated to tear away the ribbon and paper, but I had to know what was waiting in there for me! So I ripped that package open and found these inside:

It is a good morning when you realize that some one's thinking about you. I hope to make more of an effort to let people know that they matter to me... and that I am thinking of them even if I don't always show it. Sometimes it's the little things that can brighten a day.

I hope everyone reading this has a very 'Good Morning'.  :)

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