Monday, February 21, 2011

The Power of Blogs (and Words)

com·mu·ni·ty: n.

a unified body of individuals
for example: bloggers

Recently I read a few blogs that got me to thinking. They all mentioned something about how they had received nasty/mean/rude comments on their blog at one point or another. That got me to thinking that the blog world really is not too different than the real one that we live in on a daily basis. The sad fact is that in life you will face people who are mean, judgmental, and rude. Why do people think it's any more acceptable to 'hate on' people through the internet than to do it to their face in real life? We should all treat our blogs just like we would behave in life, because the only difference I see between the internet and life is that one makes things accessible more quickly than the other. We must still use discretion and kindness, because our words reach more people and more quickly than if we just open our mouths to a select few. There is such a great power in blogs to reach great numbers and share uplifting words and kindness. Let's be a community that is kind to all people. It really should be all about building each other up, not tearing each other down. Just like every day life.

It is amazing how the blog world is such a great community, and I love how people use it to provide wonderful creativity, support, inspiration, and safety to those who read and write it all. It is not too far off from a real life community of people who act as a support system that can help hold people up when they're feeling down. On any given day I can log into my blog and browse all of my favorite blogs and find words that uplift and make me smile. Every once in a while you read a post that 'sounds' defeated, and that happens in life too. People have bad days once in a while, and that's okay. Others are there for moments like that. Let's use the power of blogs for good and not bad. We have the ability to cheer people up and make a person's day using just the words that we write or speak. There is a never ending supply of love, encouragement, inspiration, creativity, and joy out there. We just need to tap in to it!

I want to share a trailer from this documentary called 'I Am' that I would love to see.
(From about 1:50 and on, this video is very relevant to this blog post)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. wow how inspirational girl :) love it! xoxo

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