Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

No silly. I'm not getting married... I did that last year, and I'm not in a wedding either...  (:

However, I have been playing with Polyvore to put together some outfit inspiration collages. It's sort of like I'm rehearsing for when my dress actually arrives in the mail. Hopefully I'll have some ideas of how to accessorize and pull together an outfit that looks put together. I also put together some ideas for a different dress two days ago.

Lately my closet is less than inspired. Usually I feel guilty buying new clothes for myself, but it's pretty necessary when most items in my closet have holes, are too small or big, or have been around since high school (that's 10 years this spring... yikes!). This little wardrobe renovation that's going on will definitely give me some options for what to wear this spring/summer.

Got The Blues

I bought this dress from Modcloth with some of my birthday money, and I own the brown boots and a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones shown. All I could use are a few fun and colorful bangles and some earrings. The handbag is from Forever 21 and it is pretty darn affordable, so this outfit comes together without spending a whole lot of money.

I might have a slight addiction to using Polyvore... it's just so fun to make 'virtual' outfits. I might even make some using a few things that I already have in my closet!  (:

Do you have any websites you use frequently? Or any websites you use to get creativity flowing?


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog girlfriennnnd! yours is super duper cute, i love it!

  2. Love Polyvore! (also terrible for time management skills lol) thank you for the follow and blog love

    anna x

  3. Polyvore certainly has a way of sucking you in, doesn't it? Great outfit, though! :)

  4. I am with you about the less than inspired wardrobe! I just went and splurged though and bought some fun items for spring...

    fun website you shared, I have never heard of that! thanks for stopping by the blog, I am not following you too! &&you and your husband are CUTE and you are just gorgeous!


  5. Hmmm! I must pay a visit to this "Polyvore." This is new and exciting territory for me! Very nice choice of outfit and accessories! :)

  6. Love the outfit combo! I usually get inspired by looking at color palattes and pictures from tumblr or weheartit.

    A Journey to Style