Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Month

This time of year is a rather busy one for my husband and me. I just had another birthday, and then just a few days after that we celebrated our first year anniversary. Whew! Then there's that love-y dove-y holiday that is Valentine's day this coming Monday. Yikes.

a whole year ago already!

This is what our dining room table looks like covered in birthday and anniversary cards. Just a few nights ago, while eating dinner, Nate complained that he couldn't use his right arm because there were too many cards in the way. I think there are worse things that could happen than having too many cards (the greeting card kind) on the table.

I made an anniversary card for Nate, because I love a chance to get a little creative once in a while. I used iPhoto to choose the wedding pictures that I wanted, and then I just printed them as a contact sheet so they would come out all on one page and in small sizes. My old architecture school supplies (xacto knife and cutting mat) always come in handy when I need to cut things out on the apartment floor.

Nate bought me a really pretty bouquet of flowers, and the last lilly just opened yesterday. I was really sick during our first anniversary, and it made me really happy to look around and see all of the cards that people sent. The flowers made me smile. So until after Valentine's day, our apartment will be covered in cards and flowers.

After Valentine's day is over, we don't really have any other birthdays or holidays that require cards until the fall. I love having a table covered in cards as a reminder that people are thinking about you. I just might have to find some other reasons to give cards... because I sort of like getting and giving them.

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I hope everyone gets a little something sweet on Valentine's day!


  1. haha, too many cards? no such thing!

  2. I love getting cards and flowers, too! Actually, I really just love sending them (: The flowers Nate got you are beautiful!