Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sunday Currently | 18

spotted this pretty hibiscus during a walk this weekend

reading just my current copy of Coastal Living. I recently finished a book and am in need of another one. I keep hearing that Gone Girl is a good book, so we'll see...
writing does painting count? I actually wouldn't mind starting a journal so I can write down my thoughts each day.
listening to the sound of the washing machine do its work on our beach towels.
thinking that the past few days have been great. My husband's had later flights this week, so we've been able to spend time together in the mornings and afternoons.
smelling as I type this I keep getting wafts of Tom Ford's Black Orchid... we visited the mall last week, and I got a sample of the scent from Sephora.
wishing for more weather like we had yesterday: sunny, 75, and a nice breeze. That kind of weather is perfect for spending an afternoon by the pool.
hoping (see above). I'm also hoping to make the most of my husband's days off of work next month. Maybe we'll squeeze in a couple of new Florida adventures!
wearing nothing fancy... just some old ripped up denim from American Eagle and a gray tank top. I spent most of the day in my workout clothes. Boy are those clothes comfy.
loving that we're attempting to get back into some sort of workout routine again.
wanting to use my new Lush Twilight bath bomb sometime soon. Has anyone bought/used Lush products before? It was my first visit there, and I can't wait to take a relaxing bath.
needing time to do more drawing, painting, and creating art in general.
feeling nice and refreshed after a little nap today.
clicking on Flight Aware, so I can see where my husband is... I'm also clicking through some blogs. I haven't been spending much time blogging lately.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love Lush products, hated Gone Girl! (Ok, well hate maybe is strong, I had just heard a lot about it and then was totally unimpressed.)

  2. Very neat that you're an artist. Are you trained or is it more of a hobby? Your extra time with your husband sounds wonderful--enjoy it!

  3. what a gorgeous photo! i want to see more!

    i've heard mixed reviews about gone girl, but it's definitely one i think i'm going to check out. that is, if i ever finish little women. reading is a priority for me this week.

    i can't stress the happiness journaling has brought me enough - i definitely recommend starting one.

    i'm so glad you've been able to spend more time with your husband recently - i bet that makes you happy!

    i've never used lush products before, but i hear about them all the time. i think it's time for me to take the plunge!

  4. Jon's mother has a jewelry store and there used to be a Lush two doors down - we loved it at the beginning but after a few weeks the smell got really overwhelming! now that it's not there anymore I think I'll check it out again :)