Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day is for Movies

In honor of Valentine's Day, I want to take advantage of the loving mood that swirls about each time this year. My husband is working tonight, so I see plenty of movies and nibbles of chocolate in my near future. Nothing says love like a good romantic comedy and some Ghirardelli, right?

There are tons of great romantic comedies available, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to bust out your favorite and have a good laugh/cry.

Unfortunately, our dvd collection is small, so I'll have to settle for watching the few that we have. I'm leaning towards watching Serendipity or Sweet Home Alabama tonight. I typically watch The Holiday around Christmas each year, so maybe I'll pass on that tonight. Wrong holiday.

Here are some of my favorite romantic comedies:

Pretty Woman

Sleepless in Seattle

Crazy, Stupid, Love


The Holiday

50 First Dates

Sweet Home Alabama


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Do you have a favorite romantic comedy? What would you add to this list?


  1. 50 First Dates is one of our FAVORITE movies. For Love of the Game is one of our FAVORITE "couple" movies too. Baseball + Love = one great movie ;-) Serendipity is a good one too!

  2. I would have to add When Harry Met Sally. Also, (please don't judge me for this) You've Got Mail. Maybe I have a thing for Meg Ryan...?

  3. it's so funny.. when i was trying to think of the lovey dovey movies that i like, i ended up thinking of those that don't have very nice endings (walk to remember, 50 days of summer). but i like 50 first dates.. and Love actually! :D

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  4. I love Sweet Home Alabama and Pretty Woman! I also love It's Complicated, Annie Hall, Somethings Gotta Give and pretty much any chick flick from the 80's (Sixteen Candles, Valley Girl). Oh, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (hilarious).

  5. Ahh I love Sweet Home Alabama, When Harry met Sally and You've got Mail. There's just something about Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together :)

    Hope Nate spoils you the rest of the weekend!

  6. Is that your bridal bouquet in the background? We are like twins. Although my cats ate at the dried flowers and so I had to get ride of it. But it used to sit in a mason jar on my desk! I kept the lace and the broach (sp?), though.

    Those movies are the best! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Serendipity and The Holiday! Happy President's Day weekend!

  7. i love the holiday so much! i watch it around christmas usually, too, but sometimes i break it out randomly. i hope you had a nice, relaxing movie night.

  8. I love The Switch! probably because the little boy is so cute haha.

  9. I hope your Vday was successful, the ingredients above sure make a great combo! I've watched the Holiday more times than I can count and Sweet Home Alabama is always a go! Oh and Serendipity has a special place in my heart because S and I adore the cafe in NYC ;)